Tilgate & Furnace Green (electoral division)

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Tilgate & Furnace Green
Tilgate & Furnace Green (electoral division).png
Shown within West Sussex
District: Crawley
UK Parliament Constituency: Crawley
Ceremonial county: West Sussex
Electorate (2009):8759
County Councillor
Duncan Crow (Con)

Tilgate & Furnace Green is an electoral division of West Sussex in the United Kingdom, and returns one member to sit on West Sussex County Council.


The division covers the neighbourhoods of Furnace Green and Tilgate, which form part of the urban area of the town of Crawley.

It falls entirely within the un-parished area of Crawley Borough and comprises the following borough wards: Furnace Green Ward and Tilgate Ward.

Election results

2021 election

Results of the election held 6 May 2021:

Tilgate & Furnace Green
Conservative Duncan Crow1,98956.7-1.4
Labour Colin Lloyd116333.2+4.5
Green Tom Coombes2547.2+4.8
Liberal Democrats Harry Old992.8-2.3
Turnout 3,50539.5+2.1
Conservative hold Swing -2.9%

2017 election

Results of the election held 4 May 2017:

Tilgate & Furnace Green
Conservative Duncan Crow1,93458.1+13.8
Labour Rajesh Sharma95528.7-3.2
UKIP Allan Griffiths1875.6-10.9
Liberal Democrats Kevin Osborne1705.1+3.2
Green Derek Hardman812.4-1.4
Turnout 3,32737.4+0.1
Conservative hold Swing +8.5%

2013 election

Results of the election held 2 May 2013:

Tilgate & Furnace Green
Conservative Duncan Crow1,46144.3-1.7
Labour Colin Moffatt1,05431.9+6.9
UKIP Graham Harper54416.5N/A
Green Derek Hardman1243.8N/A
Liberal Democrats John Lovell621.9-15.9
Independent Richard Symonds561.7N/A
Turnout 3,30137.3-2.4
Conservative hold Swing -4.3%

2009 election

Results of the election held 4 June 2009:

Tilgate & Furnace Green
Conservative Duncan Crow1,60046.0+5.4
Labour Ian Irvine87125.0-12.5
Liberal Democrats Darren Wise60717.4+0.4
BNP Vernon Atkinson40111.5N/A
Turnout 3,47939.7-23.8
Conservative hold Swing +9.0%

2005 election

Results of the election held 5 May 2005:

Tilgate & Furnace Green
Conservative Duncan Crow2,30240.6
Labour William Ward2,12737.5
Liberal Democrats Roger McMurray96317.0
Green Vicky Dore2835.0
Turnout 5,67563.5
Conservative win (new seat)

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