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Tilikratis Lefkada
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Full nameA.O. Τηλυκράτης Λευκάδας
(A.O. Tilikratis Lefkada)
Founded5 March 1927;96 years ago (1927-03-05)
GroundLefkada Stadium
OwnerThanasis Karagiannis
ChairmanGeorgios Vagenas
Manager Andreas Pantziaras
League Super League Greece 2
2022–23 Gamma Ethniki (Group 3), 1st (promoted)

Tilikratis Football Club, also known as AO Tilikratis Lefkada (Greek : ΑΟ Τηλυκράτης Λευκάδας) is a Greek association football club based on the island of Lefkada (Lefkas), Greece. Tilikratis is the highest placed football team from the island of Lefkada. As of 2011 they played in Group 5 of Delta Ethniki and, a few days before the end of the season 2010–11, they won the group to go on to compete in Football League 2 for the 2011–12 season.



The name of Tilikratis ("the man who holds a long spear") is owned Telycrates a Lefkaditis master (here the historian Pan. Rontogiannis puts question mark over whether it was master) who particularly excelled in the battle of Aegospotami (end of August 405 BC) which finally destroyed the Athenian power. In Tilykrati depicting one of those glorious statues of "Admiral", which we set up the winner in the battle at Delphi (Pausanias 10.9,4): "That being Lacedaemonians and apantikry offerings Estin on Athens Dioscuri and Zeus and Apollo and tech Artemis.


The first club in Lefkada founded in 1925 by students of the school and had the name "Sappho" (lasted until 1926). By LD 1926 established the National Directorate of Physical Education (DEFA). So was the prefects the right to establish associations of National Physical Education (SEFA). Based on this LD was Lefkas (Preveza Prefecture from) the National Association of Physical Education 'the Tilykratis' (creation date 5.3.1927). The first 'Tilykratis' was the only SEFA and was the National Association of Physical Education, originally part of sports athletics, football, etc. sports section and picnic and swimming. The first Board of Tilikratis were: Christ. Lazaris, Anast. Manoudis, John Stamatelos, Thrasyvoulos Aravanis and Takis Kaliviotis. The activity of the association beginning in 1928 with the first trainer in Santa Eustatius. Periodically in the coming years established a number of other clubs who then merged into Tilikratis. It is for the colors blue and red, representing two great loves of Agiomafriton. The blue and red Greece football. The jerseys, on the left side there are caps TL meant Tilikratis Lefkada.

The long path Tilikratis things in football and had some swings for the team. In 1963 to represent the football Lefkada in larger groups (especially in the second National) Tilikratis merged with the second large group of Lefkada, Lefkata (founded 1951), and made Pallefkadios. The dictatorial regime of militarists gave the club the name "Phoenix" Lefkada. In the early days of the junta in 1974, the team took back its real name, Tilikratis, which makes its way to success. This year (2009) struggles with success in the Fourth National, namely the Regional Championships (Group 5).The crowning moment in the history of 82chroni Tilikratis was an attempt in 1975 to found the Second National category. On March 20, 1975-as a champion of South-Continent Group began Gytheio grading matches for the Second National category. There he won 2-1 in Pangytheiako.

Established in 1927 as Tilikratis. In 1963 Pallefkadios was established after a merger of Tilikratis and Lefkata (est. 1951). In 1968 Pallefkadios was renamed to Finikas Lefkadas. In 1974 Renamed again to A.O. Tilikratis. The name Tilikratis = The Man who holds a long Speer.


Current squad

As of 30 October 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

GK Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Christos Kalantzis
GK Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Nikos Tranoulidis
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Dimitris Dovas
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Vasilis Thodis
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Zacharias Christogiannis
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Giannis Biniaros
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Dionysis Bourdouvalis
DF Flag of Croatia.svg  CRO Eduard Husinec
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Spyros Katagis
DF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Stathis Nakas
DF Flag of Albania.svg  ALB Romeo Celaj
MF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Athanasios Tsiantis
MF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Giannis Georgakis
MF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Ledi Bali
MF Flag of Albania.svg  ALB Klajdi Toska
MF Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Nikos Vasilas
FW Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Theodoros Peristeris
FW Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Alexandros Kolovos
FW Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Georgios Katagis
FW Flag of Greece.svg  GRE Aristidis Michalis

Club rivalries

Tylikratis's longest rivalry is with nearby Preveza FC, the two teams have clashed many times over the years and any success against their rivals is always sweet. Lefkada is part of the Ionian islands and being a smaller island than Corfu, any success against A.O. Kerkyra creates understandable anxiety among their northern neighbours.

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