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Tilikanagar is an urban area of Rourkela Steel City, in Sundargarh District of Odisha. The place is located at a distance of only 3.75 km away from the main city and in the junction of Rourkela and Bondamunda.


Nearest Railway station- Rourkela (ROU) Nearesr Airport- Jharsuguda (JRG) Nearest Hospital- Tilkanagar Healtch center

Although residents here belong to different parts of the world they are mainly Uttar Pradesh & Bihar people. Apart from this, S.T. and S.C. peoples are also contributing in its population.

Economy In view of past economy, this colony does not have any history as this colony was set up during 1984 by steel plant management for people who were stranded in Plant area where current plant is situated. Each family was given a 15' X 30' size plot and well connected with drains and road. Although it is not a registered land , people having money have started building Pakka house from last 3-4 years and it is in pick now a days and almost all people are constructing pakka house in a view of current demand to convert this land to a registered land. There are numbers of protest at Municipality and demand continued. If this place not converted to registered land there will effect to almost 1000 families.

Due to low maintenance cost and different govt benefits, people are not intend to earn more money and just earning to live livelihood. Mnay poeple don't work in all 6 work day and roaming here and there without any work . Slang language is also a bad thing here as like all urban area

Connectivity -This place is well connected with local transportation to Rourkela and also good road conditions so people do like to keep their livelihood here. Many people have already purchased registered land in Rourkela, Kuarmunda, Jamuna dhipa, Vedvyas but still they like to stay here due to better connectivity and planned colony setup by RSP.

Few Ration shop, small hotel and breakfast, evening snax shop is available and there is no scarcity of food. Residents are depends mainly upon Rourkela for all utilities.

Place to Visit Hanuman temple Santoshi maa Mandir Durga pandal urban health center Tilkanagar Field

Suggestions- people are advised to think about entrepreneurship and to support each other to grow economy. Cleanness is again a challenge in this locality

Coordinates: 22°13′29″N84°54′01″E / 22.224843°N 84.900154°E / 22.224843; 84.900154

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The Tatanagar–Bilaspur section is part of the Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line and connects Tatanagar in the Indian state of Jharkhand and Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. Part of one of the major trunk lines in the country, it passes through an industrial-mining area and handles high volumes of freight, particularly coal and iron ore.

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Rourkela Junction railway station is a railway junction located in the north-western part of the Indian state of Odisha and serves Rourkela in Sundergarh district. Rourkela is the third-largest urban agglomeration in Odisha. Mumbai CSTM – Howrah Gitanjali Express passes through Rourkela.

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Mandikudar is a small village situated near outskirts of steel township Rourkela. And its jurisdiction is entitled to town of Kansbahal. Mandiakudar got its name from a staple crop named "Mandia" which was cultivated by poor people in that area for food. The village is about one kilometer away from Kansbahal situated in between State Highway of SH 24 and SH 10.