Till mitt eget Blue Hawaii

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"Till mitt eget Blue Hawaii"
Single by Vikingarna
from the album Kramgoa låtar 18
A-side "Till mitt eget Blue Hawaii"
B-side "Crying in the Chapel" (with "The Jordanaires")
Recorded 1989
Genre dansband music
Label NMG
Songwriter(s) Rose-Marie Stråhle
Vikingarna singles chronology
"En vissnad blomma"/" Hasta Mañana"
"Till mitt eget Blue Hawaii"
"Höga berg, djupa hav"/"Glöm inte bort varann"

"Till mitt eget Blue Hawaii" is a song written by Rose-Marie Stråhle, and recorded by Vikingarna on the 1990 album "Kramgoa låtar 18". With lyrics about Hawaii, it became a major Svensktoppen hit, staying at the chart for 23 weeks during the period 7 January-13 May 1990, and was atop of the chart for the first nine weeks. [1] In October 1989, the song won "Hänts meloditävling".


Other recordings


Black Ingvars version

Chart (1995)Peak
Norway (VG-lista) [5] 12
Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) [6] 3

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