Tillandsia 'Purple Passion'

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Tillandsia 'Purple Passion'
Hybrid parentage Tillandsia hybrid
seleriana × tricolor
Cultivar 'Purple Passion'

'Purple Passion' is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Tillandsia in the Bromeliad family.

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<i>Passiflora edulis</i> Species of flowering plant in the passion flower family Passifloraceae

Passiflora edulis, commonly known as passion fruit, is a vine species of passion flower native to southern Brazil through Paraguay and northern Argentina. It is cultivated commercially in tropical and subtropical areas for its sweet, seedy fruit. The fruit is a pepo, a type of berry, round to oval, either yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. The fruit is both eaten and juiced, the juice often added to other fruit juices to enhance aroma.

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<i>Passiflora incarnata</i> Species of vine

Passiflora incarnata, commonly known as maypop, purple passionflower, true passionflower, wild apricot, and wild passion vine, is a fast-growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems. A member of the passionflower genus Passiflora, the maypop has large, intricate flowers with prominent styles and stamens. One of the hardiest species of passionflower, it is both found as a wildflower in the southern United States and in cultivation for its fruit and striking bluish purple blooms. Passiflora incarnata fruit contain many seeds, each surrounded by an aril holding edible juice, and this juice can be consumed fresh or used to flavor processed products.

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<i>Passiflora nitida</i> Species of vine

Passiflora nitida, the bell apple, is a tasty, but relatively unknown passion fruit. It is similar to P. laurifolia, with orange-yellow fruits that have a sweet, succulent pulp. It is a fast-growing tropical vine. Its flowers are blue and red, a bit like P. laurifolia and P. quadrangularis. The fruits grow up to 4 centimetres (1.6 in). The exact hardiness in unknown, but it is tropical and should be protected from prolonged temperatures below 50–55 °F (10–13 °C). It is not frost hardy. Passiflora nitida is the cousin of almost all the Passiflora species like P. actinia, P. flavicarpa, P. loefgrenii and so on. Its propagation is by seeds. The fruits are eaten fresh and reportedly quite good in flavor. The bell apple is a native to the Amazon jungle region. Passiflora nitida is also a useful fruit in a drink called Purple Passion. Passiflora nitida has one of the widest geographic ranges. It grows in the tropical lowlands from Costa Rica in the north and French Guiana in the northeast, through wide parts of Brazil.

<i>Passiflora loefgrenii</i> Species of vine

Passiflora loefgrenii, the garlic passion fruit, is a passion flower that was first formally described 1997 by Fabio Augusto Vitta. The plant is named after Albert Löfgren, the first known collector.

<i>Passiflora morifolia</i> Species of vine

Passiflora morifolia, the blue sweet calabash or woodland passionflower, is a white and purple flowered passion flower with blue or purple fruit. The very fast-growing vine that can grow a few dozen feet in a season. Flowers are ornate, white, blue and purple fruits follow, which ripen to blue or purple. The orange pulp might be edible. The hardiness of P. morifolia is to at least 32 °F, some sources claim as low as 15-20 °F. It grows well in full sun or filtered sun. The vine is fast growing and once established it is quite vigorous. Its propagation is by seed or by cuttings. It is grown as an ornamental. It is not cultivated for its fruit. It is native to the parts of Central and South America.

<i>Passiflora coriacea</i> Species of vine

Passiflora coriacea, commonly known as the wild sweet calabash or bat leaved passion flower, is a tropical vine with very distinct leaves in the shape of bats' wings. It also has purple oval or circle shaped fruit that are mainly ornamental. It is a fast-growing vine to several feet. Leaves are dark green and often with splotches of light-green. White-yellow flowers with the typically ornate Passiflora appearance form when weather is warm.

<i>Passiflora guatemalensis</i> Species of vine

Passiflora guatemalensis, the Guatemala passion vine, is a species in the family Passifloraceae. It is native to Guatemala, and found from southern Mexico through Central America to Venezuela.

Passion fruit (fruit) Fruit of several passion flower species

The passion fruit is the fruit of a number of plants in the genus Passiflora.