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Tilsit Éditions was a French game publisher started in 1996 by Didier Jacobée. [1] It made board games, strategy games, games for kids, and other such games until 2010.


Tilsit also distributed a number of French versions of Kosmos games, but the collaboration ended in 2006. Since 2003, Tilsit has published three main lines: Tilsit Collection for large-box games, Tilsit Poche for small-box multiplayer games and Tilsit Famille for intermediate games.

Some games published in French by Tilsit

Tilsit Collection

  1. Maka Bana , 2003, François Haffner  [ fr ], Prix du Public du Jeu de Saint-Herblain 2004, Trophée Flip 2004
  2. Kanaloa , 2003, Günter Cornett  [ de ]
  3. Skåål , 2004, Thierry Lebourg alias Dr. Mops
  4. Himalaya , 2004, Régis Bonnessée
  5. Key Largo , 2005, Paul Randles, Mike Selinker and Bruno Faidutti

Tilsit Poche

  1. Wanted! , 2003, Emiliano Sciarra
  2. Korsar , 2005, Reiner Knizia
  3. Fantasy Pub , 2005, Emanuele Ornella
  4. Caramba! , 2005, Michael Schacht
  5. Red Hot Silly Dragon , 2005, Guillaume Blossier et Frédéric Henry

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