Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication

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Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication
תילתן - המכללה לעיצוב ולתקשורת חזותית
Motto in English
Academic excellence with a personal touch
President Erez Issacharoff
Rector Michal Mahjong
Academic staff
32°49′16″N34°59′51″E / 32.8210°N 34.9975°E / 32.8210; 34.9975 Coordinates: 32°49′16″N34°59′51″E / 32.8210°N 34.9975°E / 32.8210; 34.9975
Campus Urban
Colors Green
Website Tiltan website

Tiltan School of Design and Visual Communications (Hebrew : תילתן - המכללה לעיצוב ולתקשורת חזותית) was founded in 1994 in Haifa, Israel, and is located on Independence Street in the city. It was the first college to be located on the Port Campus in Haifa, opposite the Port of Haifa.



Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication is made up of six schools:

Port Campus

The Port Campus is an academic complex established as part of a plan to rejuvenate the lower city area in Haifa. As part of the program, preserved buildings are used as student dormitories for higher education institutions.

As of 2011, the port campus includes buildings of the Carmel Academic Center, Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication, and the University of Haifa as well as student dormitories


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