Tim Kelleher

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Tim Kelleher may refer to:

Tim Kelleher (actor) American actor

Tim Kelleher is an American writer, actor and director.

Tim Kelleher (musician) American musician

Timothy "Tim" Kelleher is an American musician best known for touring with the American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars from 2007 to 2011, and most recently was a member of the American rock band Filter from 2013 to 2015. He was one of the founding members of My Darling Murder, a metal band formed with friends Andy Gerold and Elias Mallin. Kelleher has also worked with Fear and the Nervous System, 8mm, Wired All Wrong, and My Darling Murder.

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Herb Kelleher American businessman

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Timmy is a shortened form of the masculine given name Timothy. It may refer to:

Thomas Edison Preparatory School is a public school located in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma serving students from the sixth grade to the twelfth grade.

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Four to the Bar

Four to the Bar was a "well loved and well respected" American band from New York City during the early to mid-1990s.

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Another Son was the second full-length album and final recording by Four to the Bar, released in 1995.

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Kelleher is an anglicized spelling of the Irish surname derived from Ó Céileachair, meaning "descendant of Céileachar"; Céileachar is a personal name for "spouse-loving", "companion dear", or "lover of company". Kelleher is variably translated from the Irish to Kelliher, Kellegher and Keller.

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