Tim McIntire

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Tim McIntire
Timothy John McIntire

July 19, 1944
DiedApril 15, 1986(1986-04-15) (aged 41)
Los Angeles, California, US
Resting placeTobacco Valley Cemetery in Eureka, Montana
Occupation(s)Actor, musician
Years active1963–1984
Parent(s) John McIntire
Jeanette Nolan
Relatives Holly Wright (sister)

Timothy John McIntire (July 19, 1944 April 15, 1986) was an American character actor, probably best known for his starring roles as Alan Freed in the film American Hot Wax (1978), as singer George Jones in the television movie Stand by Your Man (1981), and for his performances in The Gumball Rally (1976) and Brubaker (1980).



McIntire co-starred as Dickie, the son-in-law in the 1968 pilot Justice for All , which eventually (1971) was picked up as the series All In The Family , with Rob Reiner as the son-in-law.

McIntire's film roles include appearances in Shenandoah (1965); The Thousand Plane Raid (1969); The Sterile Cuckoo (1969); Aloha, Bobby and Rose (1975); The Gumball Rally (1976); The Choirboys (1977); Brubaker (1980); Fast-Walking (1982) and Sacred Ground (1983).

McIntire appeared in the 1965 episode "The Lawless Have Laws" as Lorenz Oatman in the television series Death Valley Days . He also appeared in six episodes of Kung Fu , four of them as the long-lost brother of Kwai Chang Caine. Other television roles include appearances in the western The Legend of Jesse James , the 1966 episode "Gauntlet of Fire" of the series 12 O'Clock High and the 1976 miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man and Rich Man, Poor Man Book II .He also was in The Invaders episodes; 'Genesis' and 'Dark Outpost' 1967-68

McIntire composed music for the soundtracks of films, including Jeremiah Johnson (1972) and A Boy and His Dog (1975), for which he provided the voice of the dog, played by Tiger. He provided the devil's voice for the demon baby on Soap (1979). He performed many voice-overs for television and radio commercials.

McIntire, who had sung a country style ballad and played guitar throughout the storyline in The Fugitive episode 'ILL Wind' in 1966 displaying his vocal and musical talent later along with six studio musicians, formed the band Funzone, which released one self-titled album in 1977. [1] McIntire is credited with lead vocal, guitar, and fiddle on the album. When the record label behind the band collapsed, so did the band, and McIntire focused his musical energies on soundtracks.

McIntire was the son of actors John McIntire of the television westerns Wagon Train and The Virginian and Jeanette Nolan, who made more than 300 television appearances and was nominated for four Emmy Awards. His younger sister was the actress and photographer Holly Wright. McIntire appeared four times with both his parents on television, first on the 1966 episode "Ill Wind" of the series The Fugitive , then the 1966 episode "Old Charlie" of the series Bonanza , followed by the 1968 episodes "Death Wagon" and "Nora" of The Virginian.

He appeared with his father in the 1966 episode "The Cave-In" of the series The F.B.I. .

McIntire died at the age of 41 on April 15, 1986, from congestive heart failure in Los Angeles. He is buried at Tobacco Valley Cemetery in Eureka, Montana. [2]


1965 Shenandoah Henry Anderson
1966 Follow Me, Boys! Corporaluncredited
1969 The Thousand Plane Raid Lt. Quimby
1969 The Sterile Cuckoo Charlie Schumacher
1975 A Boy and His Dog Bloodvoice
1975 Aloha, Bobby and Rose Buford
1976 The Gumball Rally Steve 'Smitty' Smith - Ferrari Team
1977 The Choirboys Roscoe Rules
1978 American Hot Wax Alan Freed
1980 Brubaker Huey Rauch
1982 Fast-Walking Wasco
1983 Sacred Ground Matt Colter

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