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Tim Thornton may refer to:

Tim Thornton is an English musician, composer and novelist. He is best known as the drummer and guitarist for the English electronica group Fink.

Tim Thornton is a double bassist based in London, UK, and a regular performer on the British jazz scene. He is the leader of the Tim Thornton Quartet.

Tim Thornton (bishop) Bishop of Truro; Bishop of Sherborne

Timothy Martin Thornton is a British Anglican bishop. Since 6 September 2017, he has been Bishop at Lambeth, Bishop to the Forces, and Bishop for the Falkland Islands. He was previously the area Bishop of Sherborne from 2001 to 2008, the diocesan Bishop of Truro (2009–2017), and a Member of the House of Lords (2013–2017).

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The Bishop of Truro is the ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Truro in the Province of Canterbury.

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Timothy Todd "Tim" McCord is the current bassist of the American rock band Evanescence. He replaced bassist Will Boyd who left the band in mid-2006. Previously, McCord was best known for playing guitar for the band The Revolution Smile from 2000 to 2004. McCord is also a member of the Japanese music label, Brave Wave Productions. McCord has two children: Maddie McCord and Declan McCord.

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The Anglican church in the British Armed Forces falls under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury; however, for all practical purposes the function is performed by the Bishop to the Forces. His full title is "The Archbishop of Canterbury's Episcopal Representative to the Armed Forces". The Bishop to the Forces is not a military chaplain.

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The Bishop of the Falkland Islands was historically a bishopric in the Church of England; as the ordinary of the Diocese of the Falkland Islands, the bishop had responsibility for chaplaincies across South America, before national metropolitical provinces were formed.

Events from the year 1776 in Ireland.

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Thornton is a surname found in Ireland and Britain.

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The Bishop at Lambeth is a position within the hierarchy of the Church of England. It is a non-diocesan appointment in which an experienced bishop acts as head of staff to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Timothy John Thornton is a British philosopher and Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire. He is a Senior Editor of the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology. Thornton is known for his works on philosophy of thought and language.