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Tim Timebomb is a music project by Tim Armstrong, best known as a member of the punk rock band Rancid. Armstrong has recorded a large number of songs – a mixture of cover versions, including Rancid covers, and original songs, including some tracks from his musical film project RocknNRoll Theater – with a variety of supporting musicians.


A selection of the material was first released as a download only album Tim Timebomb Sings Songs from RocknNRoll Theater – this consisting of original songs featured in Armstrong's musical film series "RockNRoll Theatre". Starting on October 29, 2012, a series of digital singles have also been released, on a daily basis. These singles are initially being released via YouTube, with one song each day being released from October 29, 2012, onwards, and then being made available for download via iTunes. To date, all of the tracks from the RockNRollTheatre album have also been included in the series of singles, with the exception of the track "Let's Fuck". [1] [2] [3]

Choice of music

According to Armstrong's website:

Tim Timebomb and Friends is a place for me to share with you some of my favorite songs that I've recorded with friends of mine. I've always enjoyed sharing music, whether I'm just sitting around playing acoustic guitar with my friends or breaking out old 45's. I guess you could call me a music nerd. I like everything from Bob Dylan to the Ramones, to Jimmy Cliff to Cock Sparrer. I plan to bring together a great group of players to record covers as well as some originals. I hope you dig it and encourage you to pass them on.

All of Armstrong's bandmates in Rancid appear along with Ryan Foltz, formerly of Dropkick Murphys, Travis Barker and members of The Interrupters and The Ohio Ramblers. Three of the album's songs, "That's Just The Way It Is Now", which was featured on Rancid's 2009 album, Let the Dominoes Fall , "I'm Real" and "No More Living" were written by Armstrong in 2007 while in Spain and are inspired by the classic 1964 Vincent Price movie, The Last Man on Earth which was based on the 1954 novel, I Am Legend .


Tim Timebomb Sings Songs from RockNRoll Theater
Tim Timebomb Sings Songs from RocknNRoll Theater.jpg
Studio album by
Genre Punk
Label Hellcat
Producer Tim Armstrong

Tim Timebomb Sings RocknRoll Theater

The album features versions of songs from the RockNRoll Theatre film series, which is produced by Armstrong. 13 of the 14 tracks have also been released as digital singles.

Armstrong sings the lead vocals on all songs, in contrast to the versions in the films, which are sung by the actors, including Lars Frederiksen and Davey Havok.

Track list: All songs written by Tim Armstrong.

  1. We Did Alright
  2. Guardian Angel
  3. No Reverence
  4. Honor Is All We Know
  5. Just for Tonight
  6. Change That Song Mr. DJ
  7. Running Out of Time
  8. Skeleton Crew
  9. This Time We Got It Right
  10. Everything I Need
  11. Oh Hollywood
  12. No More Living
  13. Let's Fuck
  14. Misconceptions

2013–2014 Pirates Press Records Releases

7" singles

She's Drunk All The Time b/w Tulare

30 Pieces of Silver b/w Ooh La La

Change That Song Mr. DJ b/w Guardian Angel

Three 12 song collections from below singles released as a bundle packs on CD and vinyl via Pirates Press Records

High Noon in a Dark Blue Sea

  1. Honor Is All We Know
  2. Change That Song Mr. DJ
  3. She Goes to Finos
  4. Do What You Want
  5. I Wanna Get Rid of You
  6. Children's Bread
  7. In the City
  8. Television
  9. Oh No
  10. No Reverence
  11. Guardian Angel
  12. Cupid Aims

Winding Far Down

  1. 30 Pieces of Silver
  2. Let's Do Rocksteady
  3. Too Much Pressure
  4. Summer of '69
  5. Concrete Jungle
  6. Lip Up Fatty
  7. Working
  8. Ohh La La
  9. This Time We Got It Right
  10. Just for Tonight
  11. Ruby Soho
  12. Saturday Night at the Movies

Special Lunacy

  1. She's Drunk All the Time
  2. Chill's and Fever
  3. Rock This Joint
  4. Till the Well Runs Dry
  5. Jim Dandy
  6. Yes Sir
  7. I'm Movin' On
  8. My Buckets Got a Hole in It
  9. Adalida
  10. Thanks a Lot
  11. I'm Going Down
  12. Blue Skies


TitleOriginal artist / NotesWriter(s)Release dateLength
Honor Is All We KnowLater recorded by Rancid for their eighth album Honor Is All We Know Tim Armstrong 29-Oct-20122:17
Adalida George Strait Mike Geiger, Woody Mullis, Michael Huffman30-Oct-20123:36
Guardian Angel Tim Armstrong 31-Oct-20122:21
Coming to Your RescueThe TriumphsC. Thomas01-Nov-20122:41
American Without Tears Elvis Costello Elvis Costello 02-Nov-20124:50
She's Drunk All the Time Tim Armstrong and Kevin Bivona 03-Nov-20122:55
I'm Movin' On Hank Snow Hank Snow 04-Nov-20122:39
This Time We Got It Right Tim Armstrong 05-Nov-20122:55
Ooh La La The Faces Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood 06-Nov-20123:35
Just for Tonight- Tim Armstrong 07-Nov-20123:01
Concrete Jungle The Specials Roddy Radiation 08-Nov-20123:21
Change That Song Mr DJ- Tim Armstrong 09-Nov-20122:05
Saturday Night at the Movies The Drifters Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil 10-Nov-20122:54
It's Quite Alright Rancid Tim Armstrong 11-Nov-20121:47
Runnin Outta Time- Tim Armstrong 12-Nov-20121:40
Night OwlTony AllenTony Allen13-Nov-20123:23
Poison Rancid Tim Armstrong 14-Nov-20121:20
Everything I Need- Tim Armstrong 15-Nov-20122:11
Trouble Recorded/unreleased song from Rancid's 2003 album, Indestructible , recorded by Pink Tim Armstrong, Pink 16-Nov-20123:17
Swallow My Pride Ramones Dee Dee Ramone 17-Nov-20122:35
Heaven Only Knows The Shangri-Las Ellie Greenwich Jeff Barry 18-Nov-20121:51
Let's Do Rocksteady The Bodysnatchers The Bodysnatchers 19-Nov-20122:59
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five Denver Darling, Vaughn Horton, Milt Gabler 20-Nov-20122:48
Buckets of Rain Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 21-Nov-20123:07
I'm Goin' Down Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen 22-Nov-20123:59
Sixteen Tons Merle Travis Merle Travis 23-Nov-20122:24
Thirty Pieces of Silver Prince Buster Prince Buster 24-Nov-20122:39
Skeleton Crew- Tim Armstrong 25-Nov-20122:03
Bad Luck Social Distortion Mike Ness 26-Nov-20124:33
Lip Up Fatty Bad Manners Bad Manners 27-Nov-20122:51
Too Much Pressure The Selecter Neol Davies28-Nov-20123:17
Rocket 88 Jackie Brentson and his Delta Cats Ike Turner 29-Nov-20122:50
Oh Lonesome Me Don Gibson Don Gibson 30-Nov-20122:08
Save It For Later The Beat The Beat 01-Dec-20123:19
Cuz I Ain't Gone Yet Tim Armstrong 02-Dec-20123:29
We Did Alright- Tim Armstrong 03-Dec-20122:16
If Teardrops Were Pennies Carl Butler Carl Butler 04-Dec-20122:01
Chasing the NightThe Ramones Ramones 05-Dec-20123:05
My Bucket's Got a Hole In Ittraditionaltraditional06-Dec-20122:07
Oh Hollywood- Tim Armstrong 07-Dec-20123:16
Indestructible Rancid Tim Armstrong 08-Dec-20122:01
The Letter The Box Tops Wayne Carson Thompson 09-Dec-20122:12
Adina Rancid Tim Armstrong & Matt Freeman 10-Dec-20122:14
Harry Bridges Rancid Tim Armstrong 11-Dec-20122:58
Bridge of Gold Devils Brigade Matt Freeman, Tim Armstrong 12-Dec-20122:51
Different Ximena Sarinana Tim Armstrong 13-Dec-20123:41
Thanks a Lot Eddie Miller Eddie Miller and Don Sessions 14-Dec-20122:37
Up to No Good Rancid Tim Armstrong 15-Dec-20123:04
Dark as a Dungeon Merle Travis Merle Travis 16-Dec-20122:23
Wrongful Suspicion Rancid Tim Armstrong 17-Dec-20123:33
Honkytonk Hardwood Floor Tex Atchison Tex Atchison, Scotty Harrell, and Eddie Hazelwood 18-Dec-20122:30
That's Just the Way It Is Now Rancid Tim Armstrong 19-Dec-20122:35
She Goes to Finos Toy Dolls Michael Algar 20-Dec-20122:46
I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of YouPsychotic PineappleA.Carlin, J.Seabury21-Dec-20122:05
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch Thurl Ravenscroft Albert Hague and Dr. Seuss 22-Dec-20122:58
I'm Real Tim Armstrong 23-Dec-20122:20
Do You Wanna Dance? Bobby Freeman Bobby Freeman 24-Dec-20122:26
Drivin' Pearl Harbor and the Explosions Pearl E. Gates, Peter Built, John Stench, Hilary Stench25-Dec-20123:28
No More Living Tim Armstrong 26-Dec-20122:48
King of the JungleThe Last ResortRoi Pearce27-Dec-20123:39
Lodi Creedence Clearwater Revival John Fogerty 28-Dec-20123:17
Na Na Na Tim Armstrong 29-Dec-20123:08
Cupid Aims Tim Armstrong 30-Dec-20121:45
No Reverence Tim Armstrong 31-Dec-20122:25
Misconceptions of Hell Tim Armstrong 01-Jan-20133:02
Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart Patrik Fitzgerald Patrik Fitzgerald 02-Jan-20132:36
Family Tim Armstrong & The Interrupters03-Jan-20132:41
Blueprint Fugazi Guy Picciotto 04-Jan-20134:03
(Between the Two of Us) One of Us Has the Answer Tim Armstrong & Dave Berg 05-Jan-20134:09
Goin' Down That Road Ersel Hickey Ersel Hickey 06-Jan-20131:47
Ramblin' Man Hank Williams Sr. Hank Williams Sr. 07-Jan-20133:13
Alcohol Charged GBH Charged GBH 08-Jan-20132:33
Disorder & DisarrayRancid Tim Armstrong 09-Jan-20132:04
Battering RamRancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, Brett Reed 10-Jan-20133:15
Cabin on the HillPublished in 1943 in James D. Vaughn songbook company's book Sacred Thoughts [4] Bolivar Lee Shook11-Jan-20132:32
Texas Tornado The Sir Douglas Band Doug Sahm 12-Jan-20132:57
I'll Do It Every Time Johnny Horton Johnny Horton 13-Jan-20132:23
It's So Easy Buddy Holly Buddy Holly and Norman Petty14-Jan-20132:05
I'm Not the Only OneRancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, Brett Reed 15-Jan-20132:48
I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of JailKarl & HartyHarty Taylor, Karl Davis16-Jan-20133:14
Rich Girl Hall & Oates Daryl Hall 17-Jan-20132:24
California Sun Joe Jones Henry Glover & Morris Levy 18-Jan-20132:03
Into ActionPrevious version on A Poet's Life Tim Armstrong 19-Jan-20133:36
Children's Bread Jimmy Cliff Tim Armstrong & Jimmy Cliff 20-Jan-20133:31
Crawdad Holetraditionaltraditional21-Jan-20133:11
Oh NoPrevious version on A Poet's Life Tim Armstrong 22-Jan-20133:02
Humble Neighbourhoods Pink Tim Armstrong & Pink 23-Jan-20133:37
Roots Radicals Rancid Tim Armstrong 24-Jan-20132:54
Squeeze Box The Who Pete Townshend 25-Jan-20132:41
High Roller Joe Walsh Tim Armstrong 26-Jan-20133:13
Walking in the Rain Flash And The Pan Harry Vanda and George Young 27-Jan-20133:11
The Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 28-Jan-20133:13
Life's for Livin' Tim Armstrong 29-Jan-20132:47
80,000 Miles of Wire Tim Armstrong 30-Jan-20131:53
In the City The Jam Paul Weller 31-Jan-20132:21
When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's 40 Below) Johnny Horton Johnny Horton and Tillman Franks 01-Feb-20133:02
Abilene George Hamilton IV John David Loudermilk and Bob Gibson 02-Feb-20132:15
Bye Bye Love The Everly Brothers Felice and Boudleaux Bryant 03-Feb-20132:21
Please Give Me SomethingBill Allen and the Back BeatsB. Feli & J. Feli04-Feb-20132:41
Django Rancid Tim Armstrong 05-Feb-20133:41
If the Kids Are United Sham 69 Jimmy Pursey and Dave Guy Parsons06-Feb-20132:42
Working Cock Sparrer Cock Sparrer 07-Feb-20132:44
Bob NOFX Mike Burkett 08-Feb-20132:01
If I Had Me a Woman Mac Curtis Jim Shell09-Feb-20132:26
It Rains, Rain Glen Glenn Pete Stamper10-Feb-20132:36
From Bad to Worse The Ethiopians Leonard Dillon11-Feb-20132:23
Summer of 69' Bryan Adams Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance 12-Feb-20133:21
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Elton John Elton John and Bernie Taupin 13-Feb-20133:43
Precious Time Van Morrison Van Morrison14-Feb-20132:26
Stuck in the Middle with You Stealers Wheel Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan 15-Feb-20133:11
Television Bad Religion Brett Gurewitz and Johnette Napolitano 16-Feb-20132:11
Just Another Town Hank Williams Jr. Hank Williams Jr. 17-Feb-20132:24
Alone With You Faron Young Faron Young, Lester Vanadore, Roy Drusky 18-Feb-20132:01
Little Rude Girl Rancid, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 19-Feb-20131:47
Little Sadietraditionaltraditional20-Feb-20132:09
Let My Love Open the DoorPete Townshend Pete Townshend 21-Feb-20132:51
Brown Eyed GirlVan Morrison Van Morrison 22-Feb-20133:12
Guitar PolkaRosalie Allen Chet Atkins and Rosalie Allen 23-Feb-20132:25
Hard Travelin'Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie 24-Feb-20132:48
Protest Song Tim Armstrong 25-Feb-20133:10
Gentleman of the Road Devils Brigade Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 26-Feb-20133:01
Ain't No Good Time Tim Armstrong and Dash Hutton27-Feb-20133:14
Do What You Want, Do What You Can Tim Armstrong and Dash Hutton28-Feb-20132:42
Turntable Rancid Tim Armstrong 1-Mar-20132:29
Love is a Many Splendored ThingAFI AFI 2-Mar-20131:38
Rocks Off Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards 3-Mar-20133:27
Black Derby Jacket Rancid Tim Armstrong 4-Mar-20133:16
Abilene Waylon Jennings Bob Gibson and John D. Loudermilk 5-Mar-20132:05
No More Glow in the MoonCharlie FeathersCharlie Feathers, Stan Kesler, and Johnny Bernero5-Mar-20132:02
Dope Sick Girl Rancid Tim Armstrong 6-Mar-20132:18
Oklahoma HillsWoody Guthrie Woody Guthrie 7-Mar-20132:47
Wild About You BabyElmore James Elmore James 8-Mar-20133:20
Sittin' and Thinkin'Charlie Rich Charlie Rich 9-Mar-20133:09
Smoke Along the Track Stonewall Jackson Alan Rose10-Mar-20133:10
Don't Waste Your Tears Over MeBill Neely Bill Neely 11-Mar-20132:17
Olympia, WA Rancid Tim Armstrong 12-Mar-20133:47
The 11th Hour Rancid Tim Armstrong 13-Mar-20133:15
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay Otis Redding Steve Cropper and Otis Redding 14-Mar-20132:45
To Have and to Have NotBilly Bragg Billy Bragg 15-Mar-20132:31
Rock This Joint Jimmy PrestonWendell "Don" Keane, Doc Bagby and Harry "Fats" Crafton16-Mar-20132:40
Crazy Man Crazy Bill Haley and His Comets Bill Haley and Marshall Lytle17-Mar-20132:41
Rockin' With the ClockShirley and LeeLeonard Lee and Eddie Mesner18-Mar-20132:41
Nothin' Shakin' But the Leaves On the TreesEddie FontaineEddie Fontaine, Cirino Colacari, Diane Lampert, and Johnny Gluck19-Mar-20133:10
Go Lil' Camaro Go Ramones Dee Dee Ramone 20-Mar-20132:11
Arrested in Shanghai Rancid Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 21-Mar-20133:41
Not to Regret Rancid Tim Armstrong 22-Mar-20132:41
Let Me Go Rancid Tim Armstrong 23-Mar-20133:01
GGF Rancid Tim Armstrong 24-Mar-20134:21
Tulare Tim Armstrong 25-Mar-20132:29
Jim DandyLavern Baker & the Gliders Lincoln Chase 26-Mar-20134:21
On the Banks of the Old Ohiotraditionaltraditional27-Mar-20134:27
The Long Black Veil Lefty Frizzell Marijohn Wilkin and Danny Dill 28-Mar-20133:12
I Hold Your Hand in MineTom LehrerTom Lehrer29-Mar-20131:46
Poor EdwardTom Waits Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan30-Mar-20132:31
Jockey Full of BourbonTom Waits Tom Waits 31-Mar-20132:41
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer 1-Apr-20130:41
Thirty Pieces of Version Prince Buster 2-Apr-20132:40
Version for Tonight Tim Armstrong 3-Apr-20133:10
This Time We Got Version Tim Armstrong 4-Apr-20133:02
Version Ain't Gone Tim Armstrong 5-Apr-20133:41
Version Roller Tim Armstrong 6-Apr-20133:18
She's Drunk Version Tim Armstrong and Kevin Bivona7-Apr-20133:01
Livin' Version Tim Armstrong 8-Apr-20132:51
Version Bread Tim Armstrong and Jimmy Cliff 9-Apr-20133:30
Train 45traditionaltraditional10-Apr-20132:20
Blue Skies Irving Berlin 11-Apr-20132:11
Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll Billy Lee Riley Billy Lee Riley and Ray Scott 12-Apr-20132:01
Some of These DaysShelton BrooksShelton Brooks13-Apr-20133:20
Timebomb Rancid Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, and Matt Freeman 14-Apr-20133:10
St. James Infirmary traditionaltraditional15-Apr-20132:17
Sadie Queen of the Northern Soul Tim Armstrong 16-Apr-20132:51
Sentenced to Hell Tim Armstrong 17-Apr-20132:51
Treacherous Retreats Tim Armstrong 18-Apr-20131:40
Trouble Version Tim Armstrong Tim Armstrong and Pink 19-Apr-20133:20
Skeleton Version Tim Armstrong 20-Apr-20132:07
Guardian Version Tim Armstrong 21-Apr-20132:30
Sittin' on Top of the Worldtraditionaltraditional22-Apr-20132:31
Gunshot Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 23-Apr-20132:40
St. Louis BluesW.C. Handy W.C. Handy 24-Apr-20133:37
Fort Worth JailDick ReinhartThe Bell Boys25-Apr-20134:03
DinahHarry Akst, Joe Young, and Sam M. Lewis26-Apr-20132:51
As Wicked Rancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen 27-Apr-20133:31
Baby Let's Go to MexicoDrops of JoyJimmy Liggins28-Apr-20132:16
Train Kept a Rollin'Tiny Bradshaw Tiny Bradshaw 29-Apr-20132:18
Learn to Say Fuck You Rancid Tim Armstrong 30-Apr-20132:08
That's What's Knockin' Me OutDrops of JoyJimmy Liggins01-May-20132:16
When the Jukebox PlaysEddie BondEddie Bond02-May-20132:30
Yes SirAndy Razaf and Edgar Dowell03-May-20133:21
Hyena Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 04-May-20133:36
Antennas Rancid Tim Armstrong 05-May-20131:41
Version Is All We Know Tim Armstrong 06-May-20132:21
Corazon De Oro Rancid Tim Armstrong 07-May-20133:54
Version What You Want Tim Armstrong 08-May-20132:41
All We Wanna Hear is Version Tim Armstrong 09-May-20132:08
Everything Version Tim Armstrong 10-May-20132:11
Alright Version Rancid Tim Armstrong 11-May-20132:20
It's Quite Version Rancid Tim Armstrong 12-May-20131:46
Ruby Soho Rancid Tim Armstrong 13-May-20133:01
Peace At Any Price Tim Armstrong 14-May-20132:16
Marked for Death Tim Armstrong 15-May-20132:21
Till the Well Runs DryWynona CarrWynona Carr16-May-20132:16
You Nearly Lose Your MindErnest TubbErnest Tubb17-May-20132:21
Detroit Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 18-May-20133:31
St. Mary Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 19-May-20132:26
Daydreamin'Bud DecklemanBud Deckleman, Bill Cantrell, and Quinten Claunch20-May-20133:11
Rock Around the World Tim Armstrong 21-May-20131:34
Wake UpPrevious version on A Poet's Life Tim Armstrong 22-May-20133:06
Old Friend Rancid Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen and Matt Freeman 23-May-20133:41
Version Ram Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 24-May-20133:17
Unknown Version Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen and Matt Freeman 25-May-20133:06
Wicked Version Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen 26-May-20133:31
Star Spangled Version Francis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith 27-May-20131:33
Pointed in the Right Version Tim Armstrong 28-May-20131:41
Lion's Share Version Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 29-May-20133:37
Radicals Version Rancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen 30-May-20132:54
If the Music Ain't Loud Tim Armstrong, Reef The Lost Cauze, Kevin Bivona, Stress and Big Chris Hollosy31-May-20133:09
Sidekick Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 01-Jun-20132:06
You Can't Catch MeChuck Berry Chuck Berry 02-Jun-20133:09
Stay True Tim Armstrong, Rich Quick, Kevin Bivona, Stress, Big Chris Hollosy03-Jun-20133:17
Still Breaking the Law Tim Armstrong, One Gold Tooth, DJ Stress, Kevin Bivona, Chris Hollosy04-Jun-20133:51
Action Version Tim Armstrong 05-Jun-20133:38
Version Mary Rancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen 06-Jun-20132:21
We Belong RemixFreddy Madball Tim Armstrong, Freddy Madball, DJ Stress the Whiteboy07-Jun-20132:58
Radio Rancid Tim Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt Freeman 08-Jun-20133:13
East Bay Night Rancid Tim Armstrong, and Matt Freeman 09-Jun-20132:21
Salvation Rancid Tim Armstrong, and Matt Freeman 10-Jun-20131:58
Journey to the End of the East Bay Rancid Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen and Matt Freeman 11-Jun-20133:11
Fall Back Down Rancid Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 12-Jun-20133:37
Prisoners Tim Armstrong, DJ Stress, Planetary and Crypt the Warchild13-Jun-20133:05
Answer Version Tim Armstrong and Dave Berg14-Jun-20133:55
Disorder Version Rancid Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen 15-Jun-20132:06
I'm Not the Only Version Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 16-Jun-20132:51
Sick Version Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 17-Jun-20132:17
City of Version Tim Armstrong 18-Jun-20132:41
Thug MotivationSide Effect, DJ Stress, Tim Armstrong 19-Jun-20134:24
The Devil is Loose Version Tim Armstrong 20-Jun-20132:57
Post War America Tim Armstrong 21-Jun-20132:36
Version Misconception Tim Armstrong 22-Jun-20133:07
Time Version Tim Armstrong 23-Jun-20131:41
Sheik of Araby Harry B. Smith, Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler24-Jun-20133:31
Everybody's Singin' and Truckin'The Modern MountaineersThe Modern Mountaineers25-Jun-20131:43
Be There Tim Armstrong 26-Jun-20133:09
Los Angeles is Burning Bad Religion Brett Gurewitz 27-Jun-20133:21
Hang Out the Front Door KeyBenjamin Hapgood BurtThe Blue Sky Boys28-Jun-20133:36
Corazon Version Tim Armstrong 29-Jun-20133:54
Turntable Version Tim Armstrong 30-Jun-20132:28
Arrested Version Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 1-Jul-20133:48
Step DownSick of it All Sick of it All 2-Jul-20132:54
Dance Dance DancePearl McKinnon & The Deltars and The KodaksPearl & The Deltars3-Jul-20132:18
If You See Mary LeeThe Rainbows The Rainbows 4-Jul-20132:42
Chills and FeverB. Rakeo and B. NessRonnie Love5-Jul-20132:27
Vigilante Version Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 6-Jul-20132:08
Do You Wanna Dance Version Bobby Freeman 7-Jul-20132:11
I Wanna Be Sedated Joey Ramone The Ramones 8-Jul-20132:51
Crawdad Hole VersionTraditional9-Jul-20133:16
What You Got Version Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 10-Jul-20132:02
Version Through My Heart Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 11-Jul-20132:41
Living In a Dangerous Land Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels 12-Jul-20132:41
Choo Choo Version Vaughn Horton, Denver Darling, and Milt Gabler 13-Jul-20132:53
Version Days Shelton Brooks 14-Jul-20133:21
Sadie's Version Tim Armstrong 15-Jul-20132:51
It's a Lonely Trail Vaughn De Leath 16-Jul-20132:37
Journey Version Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman 18-Jul-20133:11
Don't You Lie to Me Fats Domino and Tampa Red aka Hudson Whitaker19-Jul-20132:21
She Goes to Finos Version Michael "Olga" Algar 20-Jul-20132:48
Alcohol Version Charged GBH 21-Jul-20132:41
Back Down Back Up Version Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 22-Jul-20133:36
Nihilism Rancid Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 23-Jul-20132:03
I'm Moving On Version Hank Snow 24-Jul-20132:52
Good Morning Heartache You're Like a Version Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman 25-Jul-20133:48
80,000 Miles of Version Tim Armstrong 26-Jul-20131:58
The Sentence Rancid 27-Jul-20131:51
Version Break Up Tim Armstrong, Dash Hutton28-Jul-20133:22
Black Derby Version Tim Armstrong 29-Jul-20133:16
On a Night Like This Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 30-Jul-20133:11
Everyday Gets Worse Version Tim Armstrong 31-Jul-20132:23
Brown Eyed Version Van Morrison Van Morrison 1-Aug-20133:11
In the City Version The Jam Paul Weller 2-Aug-20132:23
Long Black Version Lefty Frizzell Marijohn Wilkin and Danny Dill 3-Aug-20133:10
Swallow My Pride Version The Ramones 4-Aug-20132:41
Saturday Night VersionBarry Mann and Cynthia Weil5-Aug-20133:01
In the Dew and Rain Errol Duke Errol Duke 6-Aug-20132:31
Down the Road Neville Marcano Neville Marcano 7-Aug-20132:28
Too Much Pressure Version The Selecter Neol Davies 8-Aug-20133:22
Lip Up Fatty Version Bad Manners Bad Manners 9-Aug-20132:51
Rock This Joint Version Doc Bagby and Harry "Fats" Crafton10-Aug-20132:41
Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll Version Billy Lee Riley and Ray Scott 11-Aug-20131:58
St. James Infirmary Version 12-Aug-20132:21
Blue Skies Version Irving Berlin 13-Aug-20132:11
How Will I KnowThe StrandsC.W. Burcham14-Aug-20132:36
Let's Do Rocksteady Version The Bodysnatchers The Bodysnatchers 15-Aug-20132:58
Be YourselfThe CompanionsW. Hamilton, L.C. Scott16-Aug-20132:12
Ammerette Benny Spellman 17-Aug-20132:06
Thrill Me The Mello-Kings Lewis Gensler18-Aug-20132:37
Going Down That Road Version Ersel Hickey Ersel Hickey 19-Aug-20131:49
Cabin on the Hill VersionPublished in 1943 in James D. Vaughn songbook company's book Sacred Thoughts [4] Bolivar Lee Shook20-Aug-20132:36
Dance Dance Dance VersionPearl McKinnon & The Deltars and The KodaksPearl & The Deltars21-Aug-20132:21
Chills and Fever VersionB. Rakeo and B. NessRonnie Love22-Aug-20132:26
Mary Lee VersionThe Rainbows The Rainbows 23-Aug-20132:41
That's What's Knockin Me Out VersionDrops of JoyJimmy Liggins24-Aug-20132:16
When the Jukebox Plays VersionEddie BondEddie Bond25-Aug-20132:32
When I Got The Version Rancid Tim Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt Freeman 26-Aug-20133:11
East Bay Version Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 27-Aug-20132:17
Nihilism Version Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman 28-Aug-20132:03
The Sentence Version29-Aug-20131:52
Be Yourself VersionW. Hamilton and L.C. Scott30-Aug-20132:12
Don't You Lie to Me Version Fats Domino and Tampa Red 31-Aug-20132:25
Just Another Town Version Hank Williams Jr. 01-Sep-20132:27
Thanks a Lot Version Eddie Miller and John Sessions02-Sep-20132:41
Fort Worth Jail VersionDick Reinhart03-Sep-20134:04
Let My Love Open the Door Version Pete Townshend 04-Sep-20132:51
Texas Tornado Version Doug Sahm 05-Sep-20133:02
Dark As a Dungeon Version Merle Travis 06-Sep-20132:21
Living in a Dangerous Land Version Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels 07-Sep-20132:37
Ammerette Version Benny Spellman 08-Sep-20132:07
Jim Dandy Version Lincoln Chase 09-Sep-20132:46
In the Dew and the Rain Version Errol Duke 10-Sep-20132:31
Baby Let's Go to Mexico VersionJ.M. Perez and J.P. Perez11-Sep-20133:02
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Version Steve Cropper and Otis Redding 12-Sep-20132:51
I Wanna Be Sedated Version Joey Ramone 13-Sep-20132:51
To Have and to Have Not Version Billy Bragg 14-Sep-20132:31
On the Banks of the Old Ohio Versiontraditional15-Sep-20134:30
How Will I Know VersionC.W. Burcham16-Sep-20132:59
Let Me Go Version Tim Armstrong 17-Sep-20133:02
Clementina Versiontraditional18-Sep-20132:51
Thrill Me VersionR. Levister19-Sep-20132:41
I Hold Your Hand In Mine Version Tom Lehrer 20-Sep-20131:44
Adalida Version21-Sep-20133:43
Night Owl Version22-Sep-20133:01
It Rains Rain Version Pete Stamper 23-Sep-20132:41
I'll Do It Every Time Version Johnny Horton 24-Sep-20132:26
King of the Jungle VersionRoi Pearce and Arthur Kitchener25-Sep-20133:43
Lodi Version John Fogerty 26-Sep-20133:21
Bye Bye Love VersionBoudleaux Bryant and Felice Bryant27-Sep-20132:16
Rockin' With the Clock VersionLeonard Lee and Eddie Mesner28-Sep-20132:42
Nothin Shakin but the Leaves on the Trees VersionEddie Fontaine, Cirino Colacari, Diane Lampert and Johnny Gluck29-Sep-20133:15
Protest Song Version Tim Armstrong 30-Sep-20133:11
Stuck in the Middle With You Version Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan 01-Oct-20133:31
When It's Springtime in Alaska VersionJohnny Horton and Tillman Franks02-Oct-20132:55
Working Version Cock Sparrer 03-Oct-20132:48
Buckets of Rain Version04-Oct-20133:11
Bob Version Fat Mike 05-Oct-20132:03
Save it for Later Version06-Oct-20133:26
I'm Going Down Version07-Oct-20133:35
If the Kids Are United VersionJimmy Pursey and Dave Guy Parsons08-Oct-20132:48
Abilene VersionJohn David Loudermilk and Bob Gibson09-Oct-20132:12
Heaven Only Knows Version10-Oct-20131:55
Little Rude Girl Version Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen 11-Oct-20131:47
I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail VersionHarty Taylor and Karl Davis12-Oct-20133:12
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Version Elton John and Bernie Taupin 13-Oct-20133:51
Precious Time Version Van Morrison 14-Oct-20132:31
Hard Travelin' Version Woody Guthrie 15-Oct-20132:51
From Bad to Worse Version Leonard Dillon 16-Oct-20132:34
Gentleman of the Road Version Tim Armstrong & Matt Freeman 17-Oct-20133:05
Crazy Man Crazy Version18-Oct-20132:44
It's So Easy Version19-Oct-20132:11
Ooh La La Version20-Oct-20133:51
Poison Version21-Oct-20131:26
Los Angeles Is Burning Version Bad Religion Brett Gurewitz 22-Oct-20133:21
Little Sadie Version23-Oct-20132:11
Sittin' and Thinkin' Version24-Oct-20133:11
Wild About You Baby Version25-Oct-20133:21
Rocks Off Version26-Oct-20133:29
Go Lil Camaro Go Version27-Oct-20132:15
Down The Road Version28-Oct-20132:31
Drink Up And Go Homeperformed by Tim Armstrong & Street Dogs


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<i>Stoned Cold Country</i> 2023 compilation album by various artists

Stoned Cold Country is a tribute album to the Rolling Stones featuring covers performed by country music artists. It was released on March 17, 2023 by This Is Hit and was produced by Robert Deaton.


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