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Tim Yohannan (August 15, 1945 – April 3, 1998), also known as Tim Yo, was the founder of Maximum Rocknroll , a radio show and fanzine documenting punk subculture. He also helped in establishing a number of DIY collectives, such as 924 Gilman Street, [1] Blacklist Mailorder, and the Epicenter Zone record store. [2] [3]



Yohannan was initially a 1960s counterculture-era leftist, before shifting this ideology to the punk scene. Issue 425 of Maximumrocknroll stated, "Tim Yo was a Marxist!" [4]

As a self-appointed "punks' herdsman", Yohannan had a reputation as being notoriously difficult. [5]

Yohannan died at 53 [2] on April 3, 1998 from complications from lymphatic cancer. [6]

The band Green Day recorded the song "Platypus (I Hate You)", "Take Back", and "Prosthetic Head" on their 1997 album Nimrod . The songs do not directly mention Yohannan. However, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted on February 17, 2011 (and deleted the tweet a few hours later), "Platypus was written for Tim Yohanon. And I pray to god I misspelled his name. Rest in shit you fucking cunt". [7] The song "Ha Ha You're Dead" from the band's album, Shenanigans , was also written about Yohannan after he died.

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