Timaru Girls' High School

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Timaru Girls' High School
Timaru Girls' High School
Cain Street, Timaru, New Zealand
Coordinates 44°24′19″S171°14′40″E / 44.4054°S 171.2445°E / -44.4054; 171.2445 Coordinates: 44°24′19″S171°14′40″E / 44.4054°S 171.2445°E / -44.4054; 171.2445
TypeState, Girls, Secondary (Year 9-15), with boarding facilities
Motto Latin: Scientia Potestas Est
"Knowledge is Power"
Ministry of Education Institution no. 361
PrincipalDeb Hales
School roll385 [1] March 2022)
Socio-economic decile6N [2]
Website timarugirls.school.nz

Timaru Girls' High School is a secondary school in Timaru, New Zealand, founded in 1880. Timaru Girls' High provides education for girls aged between 13 – 18 years of age (class levels - years 9 to 13). It also has a boarding facility within the school grounds for pupils not living in Timaru itself and also caters for international students. The school motto is Scientia Potestas Est – Knowledge is Power. The school is a stone's throw away from the Catholic Roncalli College.



The school has 4 colour houses named after New Zealand native flowers and each student is put into one of them to encourage team spirit.
The colours are:

There are several House events per year, Swimming Sports, Athletics, Cross Country, Aitkens and Waters Cup Day and House Choirs

Notable alumnae


In September 2011, a school girl wanted to support the country's Blue Friday, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. She was banned from supporting it because students were only allowed to support female causes, even though the girl's own grandfather had died from this cancer. This raised issues in the newspapers [3]

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Timaru City in Canterbury, New Zealand

Timaru is a port city in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand, located 157 km (98 mi) southwest of Christchurch and about 196 km (122 mi) northeast of Dunedin on the eastern Pacific coast of the South Island. The Timaru urban area is home to 28,600 people, and is the largest urban area in South Canterbury, and the second largest in the Canterbury Region overall, after Christchurch. The town is the seat of the Timaru District, which includes the surrounding rural area and the towns of Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Temuka, which combined have a total population of 48,400.

Wellington East Girls College School

Wellington East Girls' College is a state single-sex girls' secondary school which sits directly above Mount Victoria Tunnel, Wellington, New Zealand. Serving Years 9 to 13, the school currently has 1056 students.

Temuka Town in Canterbury, New Zealand

Temuka is a town on New Zealand's Canterbury Plains, 15 kilometres north of Timaru and 142 km south of Christchurch. It is located at the centre of a rich sheep and dairy farming region, for which it is a service town. It lies on the north bank of the Temuka River, just above its confluence with the Opihi River.

Scots College, Wellington Private, composite, day and boarding school

Scots College is an independent (private) Presbyterian school. It is located in the suburb of Strathmore Park, Wellington, New Zealand. Under the leadership of an Executive Headmaster, the College comprises three schools, the Preparatory School for Years 1 to 6, the Middle School for Years 7 to 9 and the Senior School for Years 11 to 13. Each school has its own Principal and Staff. Scots College is an IB World College.

Burnside High School State, non-integrated school in Christchurch, New Zealand

Burnside High School is a state co-educational secondary school located in the suburb of Burnside in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a roll of 2424 students, it is the largest school in New Zealand outside Auckland, and is among the country's four largest schools.

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Christchurch Girls' High School in Christchurch, New Zealand, was established in 1877 and is the second oldest girls-only secondary school in the country, after Otago Girls' High School.

Pleasant Point is a small country town in southern Canterbury, New Zealand, some 19 km inland from Timaru, on State Highway 8. It is a service town for the surrounding farming district. One of its main attractions is the heritage railway, the Pleasant Point Museum and Railway, which operates steam locomotives and one of only two Model T Ford railcar replicas in the world. It attracts about 10,000 people a year. For almost one hundred years, the Fairlie branch line railway passed through the town. It closed on 2 March 1968, and the heritage line utilises 2.5 km of track along the branch's old route.

Roncalli College Co-educational, secondary (year 9-13) school

Roncalli College is a Catholic college in Timaru, New Zealand. It was named after Pope John XXIII, whose birth name was Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. It is a co-educational college, with approximately 500 students from Year 9 to Year 13, it is situated on Craigie Avenue, next to the Sacred Heart Basilica. It is set in 3.12 hectares of land, with 13 free-standing buildings.

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Timaru Boys High School State boys school, years 9–13 school

Timaru Boys' High School, established in 1880, is a single sex state (public) secondary school located in the port city of Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand. TBHS caters for years 9 to 13.

John McGlashan College School in Maori Hill, Dunedin, New Zealand

John McGlashan College is a state integrated boarding and day school for boys, located in the suburb of Maori Hill in Dunedin, New Zealand. The school currently caters for 531 students from years 7 to 13, including 120 boarders and up to 30 international students.

Mountainview High School is a co-educational state high school in Timaru, New Zealand. The school runs from year nine to thirteen. The school has a roll of 536 students as of March 2022; more than 20 are International students.

Western Springs College is a state co-educational secondary school located in Western Springs, an inner suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. The school educates approximately 1739 students, from Years 9 to 13. The school was originally part of Seddon Memorial Technical College, but was moved to the current Western Springs site in 1964.

Waitaki Girls High School State, girls, secondary years 9-13 school

Waitaki Girls' High School is a state high school for girls situated in Oamaru, on the East coast of New Zealand. It was founded in 1887 on the initiative of local parliamentarians, Samuel Shrimski and Thomas William Hislop, and presently has a roll of just over 400 girls from the ages of 13 to 18. It also has a boarding hostel which houses approximately 50 girls, including international students and tutors.

Craighead Diocesan School School

Craighead Diocesan School is a state-integrated Anglican girls day and boarding school in Highfield, Timaru, New Zealand. It is the only Anglican-affiliated school in South Canterbury.

Marchwiel is a suburb of Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand. It is one of 24 suburbs within the Timaru District.

Parkside, New Zealand Suburb of Timaru in Timaru District Council, New Zealand

Parkside is a suburb of Timaru, in the Timaru District and Canterbury Region of New Zealand's South Island.

West End, New Zealand Suburb of Timaru in Timaru District Council, New Zealand

West End is a suburb of Timaru, in the South Canterbury area and Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island. It is located west of the town centre.


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