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Timbuk may refer to:

Timbuktu City in Tombouctou Region, Mali

Timbuktu is an ancient city in Mali, situated 20 km (12 mi) north of the Niger River. The town is the capital of the Timbuktu Region, one of the eight administrative regions of Mali. It had a population of 54,453 in the 2009 census.

Timbuk3 was an American post-punk band which released six original studio albums between 1986 and 1995. They are best known for their Top 20 single "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades". The band's music has been featured on more than 20 compilation and soundtrack albums.

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Mariner Moose Mascot of the Seattle Mariners baseball team

The Mariner Moose is the team mascot of the Seattle Mariners, a Major League Baseball team. In 1990, a contest for children 14 and under was held to select a mascot for the team under then-owner Jeff Smulyan. Out of 2500 entries received, the club chose the "Mariner Moose," originally submitted by Ammon Spiller of Ferndale, Washington. The Moose made his debut on April 13, 1990, dancing on the field at the Kingdome to "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" by Timbuk 3.

I.R.S. Records American record label

I.R.S. Records was an American record label founded by Miles Copeland III and Jay Boberg in 1979. I.R.S. produced some of the most popular bands of the 1980s, and was particularly known for issuing records by college rock, new wave and alternative rock artists, including R.E.M., The Go-Go's, Wall of Voodoo and Fine Young Cannibals.

Timbo King is the best-known member and leader of Royal Fam as well as Black Market Militia. Released an EP titled United We Slam in 1994 with producer Spark 950 as an early form of Royal Fam. Formed the group 56 Platoon in 2005, along with some other ex-Royal Fam members. Has his own label, Fortknox. He released an album, From Babylon to Timbuk2, in 2011 largely produced by Bronze Nazareth.


Timbuk2 is a San Francisco-based bag manufacturer and marketer. The company produces a variety of pre-made and made-to-order bags. Timbuk2 is owned by private equity group TB2 Investors. In 2014, the company was ranked as the 2nd largest manufacturer in San Francisco by the San Francisco Business Times.

<i>Dream a Little Dream</i> (film) 1989 film by Marc Rocco

Dream a Little Dream is a 1989 teen film directed by Marc Rocco and starring Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Meredith Salenger, Jason Robards, Piper Laurie and Harry Dean Stanton. It was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. Released in 1,019 theaters, it accumulated $5,552,441. This was the third film featuring the two Coreys. The film's sequel, Dream a Little Dream 2, was released in 1995.

<i>Greetings from Timbuk3</i> 1986 studio album by Timbuk3

Greetings from Timbuk3 is the debut album by American band Timbuk3, released in 1986. The album contains their only charting single, "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades", which reached number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The songs "Life is Hard" and "Shame on You" were used on the soundtrack for the 1986 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and were also featured on the film's accompanying soundtrack album.

Pat MacDonald (musician) American musician and songwriter

Patrick Lee "Pat" MacDonald is an American musician and songwriter. He is the singer, guitarist, and main songwriter for Timbuk3, nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1987. He formed the duo with his wife, Barbara K. MacDonald, in Madison, Wisconsin in 1984 before moving to Austin, Texas, that same year. Their breakup in 1995 spurred a solo career that has steadily produced releases in both Europe and the US. "MacDonald is long known for his playful, edgy songs," says Guitar Player Magazine.

Barbara Kooyman is an American singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. In the 1980s, she, her then-husband Pat MacDonald, and a beat box formed the recording act Timbuk3 whose 1986 signature song was "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades". The duo did road work with Bob Dylan, Sting, and Jackson Browne. They once appeared on Saturday Night Live and were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1987.

Courtney Audain is an American bass guitarist and musician. He is best known as a member of the band Timbuk 3. Audain joined the band in 1991 and remained until their break-up in 1995.

Wally Ingram is an American drummer and musician. He is most famous as a member of the band, Timbuk 3.

<i>Big Shot in the Dark</i> album by Timbuk3

Big Shot in the Dark is the fourth album from Timbuk 3, and their debut as a four-piece band. It was the first major release for Trinidad-Tobago native Courtney Audain who played bass and added steel drums to the group's instrumentation, and for drummer/percussionist Wally Ingram who later went on to record and tour with major artists Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, and Bonnie Raitt. Timbuk3's previous three albums were recorded by the husband and wife team of Pat MacDonald and Barbara K. MacDonald alone.

<i>A Hundred Lovers</i> album by Timbuk3

A Hundred Lovers is the sixth and final album from Timbuk 3. It was released in 1995.

The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades 1986 single by Timbuk3

"The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" is a song by Timbuk3. It is the opening track from their debut album, Greetings from Timbuk3. Released as the album's first single in 1986, it was the band's only significant mainstream hit.

I Need You or I Need U may refer to:

<i>Last Nite</i> (P-Square album) 2003 studio album by P-Square

Last Nite is the debut studio album by Nigerian recording artists P-Square released in 2003 by Timbuk2 Music Label. The album produced two major singles---"Senorita" and "Igbedu". The duo and their elder brother, Jude Engees Okoye, produced the album. The album was sponsored by Benson & Hedges. On October 10, 2008, the album's reloaded version was released on Itunes and features a different album cover.

<i>Hare-Abian Nights</i> 1959 film by Ken Harris

Hare-Abian Nights is a 1959 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. The cartoon, directed by Ken Harris of Chuck Jones' unit at Warner Bros. Cartoons, was animated by Harris and Ben Washam and recycles footage from Bully for Bugs, Water, Water Every Hare, and Sahara Hare. Hare-Abian Nights is a pun on Arabian Nights.

Pat MacDonald is the name of:

From Babylon To Timbuk2 is the debut album by Wu-Tang Clan affiliate and Brooklyn rapper Timbo King. it was released on August 30, 2012, by Nature Sounds. The Album was inspired by the 1969 Black Hebrew's history book From Babylon To Timbuktu written by Rudolph R. Windsor. Bronze Nazareth produced most of the album and was assisted by Vinny Idol, BP, Dev-1, Fizzy Womack, Akir, Vision N.D.N.S. and feature guest contributions by Akir, Beazy, R.A. The Rugged Man, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, William Cooper, RZA, Junior Reid, Keesha, Mishawn and Vision N.D.N.S. He has released music videos on YouTube for the singles: "The Autobiography of Timothy Drayton", "Bar Exam", "High Ranking" and "Book Value".

Watermelon Records was a record label based in Austin, Texas.