Time Adventure: Zeccho 5-byo Mae

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Time Adventure: Zeccho 5-byo Mae
Time Adventure- Zeccho 5-byo Mae.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Yōjirō Takita
Written byIsao Takagi
Produced byHaruhisa Okino
StarringKozue Tanaka
CinematographyYoichi Shiga
Music byKouichi Fujino
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Release date
  • December 20, 1986 (1986-12-20)
Running time
76 minutes

Time Adventure: Zeccho 5-byo Mae (Japanese : タイム・アバンチュール 絶頂5秒前) is a 1986 Japanese pink film directed by Yōjirō Takita.



A softcore sex film in Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series with comedy and science fiction themes. A sexy young woman travels 15 years into the future to 2001, where she engages in various sexual escapades. [1]


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Yōjirō Takita is a Japanese filmmaker. Takita received an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for his 2008 drama Departures. It marked the first time a Japanese film won the award after the category first became competitive in 1957.

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Molester's Train is a Japanese pink film series. Academy Award–winning director Yōjirō Takita started the series in 1982. By 1997, there had been 25 films made in the series. In their pioneering English-language work on Japanese erotic cinema, the Weissers write that "most of the episodes are reminiscent of early American nudie-cuties, especially the voyeuristic titty-flicks like Russ Meyer's Eve and the Handyman and Immoral Mr Teas, or Herschell Gordon Lewis' Adventures Of Lucky Pierre." The 1993 installment Nasty Behavior, which was directed by Hisayasu Satō and featured Yumika Hayashi, had an austere tone that was in direct contrast to the light, comic tone of the previous films in the series.

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