Time Between – A Tribute to The Byrds

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Time Between - A Tribute to the Byrds
Compilation album by
Various Artists
Genre Rock, alternative rock, indie rock, folk rock,
Label Imaginary, Communion Label

Time Between – A Tribute to The Byrds is a various artists tribute album consisting of cover versions of songs originally written and recorded by the Los Angeles band The Byrds. [1] It was released in 1989 as an LP and CD by Imaginary Records in the UK and by the Communion Label in the United States. [1] [2] The vinyl LP features a fourteen-song track listing, while the CD edition of the album includes five bonus tracks, bringing the total number of songs to nineteen. [2] [3] Although the compilation did not chart in the U.S. or the UK, Bruce Eder, writing for the Allmusic website, has noted "A superior lineup of contributors helps make Time Between: A Tribute to the Byrds one of the better homages of its kind." [1]


Track listing

Side 1

  1. "Eight Miles High" – The Moffs
  2. "Time Between"/"Why" – The Mock Turtles
  3. "She Don't Care About Time" – The Cateran
  4. "Change Is Now" – Giant Sand
  5. "It Happens Each Day" – Static (a pseudonym for Summerhill who are thanked on the back label)
  6. "Thoughts and Words" – The Primevals
  7. "Here Without You" – Richard Thompson, Clive Gregson, Christine Collister

Side 2

  1. "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" – Dinosaur Jr.
  2. "Everybody's Been Burned" – Thin White Rope
  3. "Mr. Spaceman" – Miracle Legion
  4. "Draft Morning" – The Chills
  5. "King Apathy III" – The Barracudas
  6. "Triad"/"Chestnut Mare" – The Icicle Works
  7. "Wild Mountain Thyme" – Nigel & the Crosses (a one-off pseudonym for Robyn Hitchcock)

CD bonus tracks

  1. "Lady Friend" – Static
  2. "I Knew I'd Want You" – Thin White Rope
  3. "All the Things" – Miracle Legion
  4. "Tribal Gathering" – The Primevals
  5. "Hickory Wind" – Richard Thompson, Clive Gregson, Christine Collister

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