Time Bokan: Royal Revival

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Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Time Bokan Royal Revival.jpg
(Taimubokan Ōdōfukko)
Genre Adventure, science fiction
Original video animation
Directed byAkira Shigino
Produced by Ippei Kuri
Written bySatoru Akahori
Mayori Sekijima
Music byMasaaki Jinbo
Masayuki Yamamoto
Studio Tatsunoko Productions
Licensed by
Released November 26, 1993 January 1, 1994 [1]
Runtime30 minutes
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Time Bokan: Royal Revival (タイムボカン王道復古, Taimubokan Ōdōfukko) is a 1993 original video animation of the popular 1970's anime Time Bokan .


This was the last installment of the series to feature the late Kei Tomiyama as the narrator. He was replaced in Time Bokan 2000: Kaitou Kiramekiman by Junpei Takiguchi and Kōichi Yamadera in the 2008 remake of Yatterman. The OVAs were initially licensed by Central Park Media and was released on DVD in 2005. Sentai Filmworks has now licensed the OVA series. [2]


There were only two volumes released as listed below.

# Title Original release date
1"Time Bokan Royal Revival I - Chikichiki Ugougo Bogeboge Machine Wild Race"
"Chikichiki ugougo hogehogemashīn mō rēsu" (チキチキ・ウゴウゴ・ホゲホゲマシーン猛レース)
November 26, 1993 (1993-11-26)
2"Time Bokan Royal Revival II - Alumni Reunion in the Tatsunokon Kingdom"
"Yattāman tatsunokkon ōkoku de dōsōkaida koron" (ヤッターマン タツノッコン王国で同窓会だコロン)
January 1, 1994 (1994-01-01)


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