Time Doesn't Heal

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Time Doesn't Heal
Freya Lim Time Doesn't Heal Album Cover.jpg
Studio album 歲月這把刀by
Released2 May 2014 (2014-05-02)
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Rock Records
Producer Jim Lee
Freya Lim chronology
Accidentally in Love

Time Doesn't Heal

Time Doesn't Heal (Chinese :歲月這把刀; pinyin :suì yuè zhè bă dāo) is the sixth Mandarin studio album by Taiwan-born Malaysian Mandopop artist Freya Lim (Chinese :林凡). It was released on 2 May 2014 by Rock Records. [1]


Track listing

1."明明愛你" (míng míng ài nǐ) Shine Lee Pam ChungHidden Love5:25
2."我們的故事只講了一半" (wǒ men de gù shì zhǐ jiǎng le yī bàn)Qu Shi Cong (曲世聰)Qu Shi CongUnfinished Story4:12
3."套不住" (tào bù zhù; featuring Adrian Fu)WaWaAdrian FuFree Spirit3:45
4."一戀愛就亂了" (yī liàn ài jiù luàn le)WaWaAndy WillcocksLost in Love5:04
5."愛已經受傷" (ài yǐ jīng shòu shāng)Shine LeeAdrian FuHurting Love4:31
6."歲月這把刀" (suì yuè zhè bǎ dāo)Qu Shi CongQu Shi CongTime Doesn't Heal4:20
7."目送" (mù sòng)Qu Shi CongQu Shi CongFarewell4:05
8."很遠的近" (hěn yuǎn de jìn)Wu Xiang Fei (吳向飛)Sean.Z (張峽浩)Near Yet Far4:28
9."豔遇" (yàn yù) Yao Chien GJRomance4:37
10."還原" (huán yuán)Wu Xiang FeiRussell HarrisReset4:42

Music videos

SongRelease DateNotesRef
"我們的故事只講了一半" (Unfinished Story)20 January 2014Featuring clips from television series Just You [2]
"明明愛你" (Hidden Love)28 March 2014 [3]
"歲月這把刀" (Time Doesn't Heal)27 April 2014Featuring You-ning Cao (曹佑寧) [4]

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