Time Is My Enemy

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Time Is My Enemy
"Time Is My Enemy" (1954).jpg
U.S. poster
Directed by Don Chaffey
Written by Allan MacKinnon
Based onthe play Second Chance by Ella Adkins [1]
Produced by Roger Proudlock
Starring Dennis Price
Renée Asherson
Patrick Barr
Cinematography Geoffrey Faithfull
Edited by Sam Simmonds
Distributed by Independent Film Distributors
Release date
11 October 1954
Running time
64 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Time Is My Enemy is a 1954 British crime film directed by Don Chaffey and starring Dennis Price, Renée Asherson and Patrick Barr. [2] [3]



Small-time crook Radley (Dennis Price) returns after a long absence to discover his wife Barbara (Renee Asherson) has remarried, believing him killed in the Blitz. Finding her happily married to wealthy publisher John Everton (Patrick Barr), Radley begins blackmailing Barbara for £500 to keep their previous marriage quiet. When Radley kills a jeweller in a robbery, he is blackmailed by his roommate, so in turn threatens to also blackmail John Everton for £500. When she arrives at Radley's flat to pay the final instalment, he provokes her into shooting him. After surrendering herself to the police, Barbara discovers that all is not as it seems, Radley is wanted for more than one murder; and the police begin to question whether Radley is really dead after all.


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