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Nettbuss TIMEkspressen
Nettbuss TIMEkspressen-Volvo 9700S-B12M.jpg
A Volvo 9700S coach in the 2011 livery.
Commenced operation4 August 1997
Ceased operation13 May 2018
Service area Norway
Service type Intercity coach service
Hubs Oslo
Fleet Volvo 9700
Operator Nettbuss
A coach in TIMEkspressen's livery from 2002 to 2010. TIMEkspressen bus in Trondheim.JPG
A coach in TIMEkspressen's livery from 2002 to 2010.
A coach in approximately the original livery from 1997, here on a local route in 2006. TIMEkspressen-Volvo B10M-Vest Ambassador 340.jpg
A coach in approximately the original livery from 1997, here on a local route in 2006.

TIMEkspressen (Time Ekspressen means "Hourly Express") was an intercity coach brand used by Nettbuss on several routes in Norway. The coaches were usually operated at one hour headway, but some routes had higher frequency in rush hour and lower frequency in the weekends.


Several of the routes operated as TIMEkspressen competed directly with commuter and regional trains run by Nettbuss' owner, the Norwegian State Railways, including on the Kongsvinger Line, the Randsfjord Line, the Trøndelag Commuter Rail, the Vestfold Line and the Østfold Line.


The brand was originally started by Øst-Telemark Automobilselskap in 1997 through the company TIMEkspressen Telemark on the route NotoddenKongsbergOslo. In 1998, Nettbuss bought both companies and started developing the brand on other areas served by Nettbuss. On 14 May 2018, the last routes were transferred to the Nettbuss express brand.


From May 2013, route numbers were preceded by letters "TE". Only major intermediate stops are mentioned.

NumberRouteStart dateEnd dateNotes and history
TE1 Notodden - Kongsberg - Drammen - Oslo 4 August 19977 January 2018
  • 24-hour service from 16 March 1998
  • No longer 24-hour service from 3 September 2012
  • Rebranded as Nettbuss express route NX1 from 8 January 2018
TE2 Kongsvinger - Oslo August 199830 April 2016
TE3 Sarpsborg - Moss - Oslo April 200213 May 2018
  • Rebranded as Nettbuss express route NX3 from 14 May 2018
TE4 Hønefoss - Oslo 19 August 200230 June 2015
  • Replaced by Brakar route 200 from 1 July 2015
5 BergerSvelvikDrammenOslo 19 August 200220 December 2003
TE5 ArendalKristiansand 24 January 2005November 2013
6 StjørdalTrondheim August 199917 August 2008
  • Replaced by route 12
TE6 Hvaler - Fredrikstad - Råde - Oslo 4 November 200813 May 2018
  • Former Oslofjordekspressen (NOR-WAY)
  • Rebranded as Nettbuss express route NX6 from 14 May 2018
7 StørenMelhusTrondheim 21 October 200217 August 2008
7 ÅsgårdstrandHortenHolmestrandDrammenOslo 19 September 2011December 2012
TE8 TjømeTønsbergOslo 11 November 20024 January 2015
TE9 Mysen - Askim - Oslo 20 January 200322 June 2014
TE10 VikersundDrammenOslo 15 August 200531 December 2014
  • Replaced by Brakar route 100 between Vikersund and Drammen from 2 January 2015
TE11 Volda - Ålesund - Molde - Kristiansund 1 May 200531 December 2015
12 OrkangerTrondheim 22 August 200517 August 2008
  • Replaced by new route 12
12 StjørdalTrondheimFannrem 18 August 200831 December 2011
TE14 Stavern - Larvik - Sandefjord - Oslo 16 January 200627 September 2015
  • Rebranded as Nettbuss express route NX14 from 28 September 2015
TE15 Gjøvik - Skreia - Oslo Airport, Gardermoen - Oslo 1 May 200830 April 2017
  • Former Totenekspressen (NOR-WAY)
  • Rebranded as Nettbuss express route NX15 from 1 May 2017

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