Timeline of the Chu–Han Contention

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This is a timeline of the Chu–Han Contention. [1]

Timeline of events
207 BC
206 BC
  • Feast at Swan Goose Gate
  • Xiang Yu occupies Xianyang and sacks the city.
  • King Huai II of Chu becomes a figurehead emperor (Emperor Yi of Chu) and gets relocated to Chen County.
  • Xiang Yu divides the former Qin Empire into the Eighteen Kingdoms.
    • Xiang Yu declares himself Hegemon-King of Western Chu.
    • Liu Bang becomes King of Han.
  • Han Xin leaves Xiang Yu and joins Liu Bang.
  • War breaks out in the Qi territories:
    • Tian Rong conquers the Kingdom of Qi. Tian Du, the King of Qi, takes shelter under Xiang Yu.
    • Tian Rong conquers the Kingdom of Jiaodong and kills its king, Tian Fu.
  • Xiang Yu kills Han Cheng, the King of Hán.
  • Zhang Liang joins Liu Bang.
  • Liu Bang appoints Han Xin as a general.
  • Tian Rong sends Peng Yue to conquer the Kingdom of Jibei and kill its king, Tian An.
  • Ying Bu, the King of Jiujiang, assassinates Emperor Yi of Chu.
  • Liu Bang's forces secretly pass through Chencang.
Start of the Chu–Han contention
206 BC
  • Zhang Han, the King of Yong, is defeated by Liu Bang's forces and retreats to Feiqiu.
  • Dong Yi, the King of Di, and Sima Xin, the King of Sai, surrender to Liu Bang.
  • Zang Tu, the King of Yan, kills Han Guang, the King of Liaodong.
  • Xiang Yu makes Zheng Chang the King of Hán to replace Han Cheng.
  • Zhao Tuo proclaims himself King of Nanyue.
  • Shen Yang, the King of Henan, surrenders to Liu Bang.
  • Rebellion in Zhao:
    • Chen Yu conquers the Kingdom of Changshan. Zhang Er, the King of Changshan, takes shelter under Liu Bang.
    • Chen Yu helps Zhao Xie, the King of Dai, become the new King of Zhao. Chen Yu then replaces Zhao Xie as the King of Dai.
  • Hán Xin conquers the Kingdom of Hán with support from Liu Bang. Zheng Chang surrenders to Hán Xin.
205 BC
  • Xiang Yu attacks Tian Rong. Tian Rong retreats to Pingyuan and dies there. Xiang Yu makes Tian Jia the new King of Qi.
  • Wei Bao, the King of Wei, surrenders to Liu Bang.
  • Sima Ang, the King of Yin, is captured by Liu Bang's forces.
  • Tian Jia is defeated by Tian Heng, Tian Rong's younger brother.
    • Tian Jia is killed by Xiang Yu.
    • Tian Heng helps Tian Guang, Tian Rong's son, become the new King of Qi.
  • Battle of Pengcheng:
  • Peng Yue joins Liu Bang.
  • Battle of Jingsuo:
    • Liu Bang occupies Xingyang and his forces start building supply routes linking Xingyang to Aocang.
  • Liu Bang makes his son, Liu Ying, his heir apparent.
  • Battle of Anyi:
  • Han Xin conquers the Kingdom of Dai and captures its chancellor, Xia Shuo.
  • Battle of Jingxing:
  • Han Xin receives the surrender of the Kingdom of Yan.
  • Ying Bu, the King of Jiujiang, defects to Liu Bang.
204 BC
  • Xiang Yu attacks Liu Bang's supply lines in Xingyang and Aocang.
  • Xiang Yu dismisses Fan Zeng after falling for Chen Ping's ruse. Fan Zeng dies of illness on his journey home.
  • Battle of Xingyang:
    • Wei Bao, the King of Wei, is killed by Zhou Ke and Zong Gong. Zhou Ke and Zong Gong die after Xingyang falls to Xiang Yu's forces.
    • Hán Xin, the King of Hán, is captured by Xiang Yu.
  • Yuan Sheng advises Liu Bang to attack Wan and Ye.
  • Peng Yue defeats Xiang Yu's forces at Xiapi.
  • Xiang Yu turns back to attack Peng Yue. Liu Bang uses the opportunity to capture Chenggao.
  • Xiang Yu defeats Peng Yue, conquers Xingyang, and besieges Liu Bang in Chenggao.
  • Liu Bang breaks out of the siege and escapes to the Kingdom of Zhao. Liu Bang takes over Han Xin and Zhang Er's command of his forces in Zhao territory.
  • Gong Ao, the King of Linjiang, dies and is succeeded by his son, Gong Wei.
  • Liu Bang sends Li Yiji to the Kingdom of Qi to persuade its king, Tian Guang, to surrender.
  • Battle of Si River:
    • Cao Jiu, Dong Yi and Sima Xin commit suicide.
    • Liu Bang's forces conquer Chenggao.
  • Han Xin attacks the Kingdom of Qi and conquers Lixia and Linzi. Li Yiji is executed by Tian Guang.
  • Battle of Wei River:
    • Long Ju is killed in action.
    • Tian Guang is killed while trying to escape. Tian Heng proclaims himself the King of Qi.
  • Liu Bang makes Zhang Er the King of Zhao.
203 BC
  • Liu Bang makes Han Xin and Ying Bu the kings of Qi and Huainan respectively.
  • Battle of Guling
  • Zhou Yin defects to Liu Bang.
202 BC
End of the Chu–Han contention
202 BC
  • Liu Bang rewards some of his subjects by granting them vassal king titles:
  • Liu Bang becomes emperor and establishes the Han dynasty as the ruling dynasty in China.
  • Liu Bang disbands the military and grants a general amnesty to convicts.
  • Zang Tu starts a rebellion.
  • Tian Heng, the former King of Qi, commits suicide in Luoyang.
  • Zhang Er dies and is succeeded by his son, Zhang Ao.
  • Liu Bang suppresses Zang Tu's rebellion and captures him.
  • Liu Bang's forces conquer the Kingdom of Linjiang and execute its king, Gong Wei.


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