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Timiryazev (Russian: Тимиря́зев; masculine) or Timiryazeva (Russian: Тимиря́зева; feminine) is a Turkic Russian last name. It may refer to:



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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Vasily Surikov</span> 19th and 20th-century Russian artist

Vasily Ivanovich Surikov was a Russian Realist history painter. Many of his works have become familiar to the general public through their use as illustrations.

Olga Bergholz Soviet poet

Olga Fyodorovna Bergholz was a Soviet and Russian poet, writer, playwright and journalist. She is most famous for her work on the Leningrad radio during the city's blockade, when she became the symbol of city's strength and determination.

Vasilyevsky Island Island in St. Petersburg, Russia

Vasilyevsky Island is an island in St. Petersburg, Russia, bordered by the Bolshaya Neva and Malaya Neva Rivers in the south and northeast, and by Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland in the west. Vasilyevsky Island is separated from Dekabristov Island by the Smolenka River. Together they form the territory of Vasileostrovsky District, an administrative division of Saint Petersburg.

Borovsky or Borovskoy (masculine), Borovskaya (feminine), or Borovskoye (neuter) may refer to:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kliment Timiryazev</span>

Kliment Arkadievich Timiryazev was a Russian Imperial botanist and physiologist and a major proponent of the Evolution Theory of Charles Darwin in Russia. He founded a faculty of vegetable physiology and a laboratory at the Petrovskoye Academy.

Volkov, or Volkova, is a common Russian surname. It is derived from the word волк.

Timiryazevskaya (Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line) Moscow Metro station

Timiryazevskaya is a station on the Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It is named after the neighboring Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Its depth is 63.5 m; it is the only deep level single-vault type station and the third deepest in the Moscow Metro, after Park Pobedy and Fonvizinskaya. It was opened on March 7, 1991, as a part of a major northern extension of the line. It was the deepest station in Moscow Metro from 1991 until opening of Park Pobedy in 2003.

Engelhardt may refer to:

Voskresensky, Voskresenskaya, or Voskresenskoye may refer to:

Kliment is a male given name, a Slavic form of the Late Latin name Clement. A diminutive form is Klim. Notable people:

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy</span>

Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy is one of the oldest agrarian educational institutions in Moscow, Russia. It was founded on December 3, 1865. It is under the Supervisory of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. It was named for Kliment Timiryazev, a Russian botanist and physiologist and major proponent of evolution by natural selection.

Smirnov or Smirnova is one of the two most common surnames in Russia. Variants of transliteration: Smirnoff, Smirnow or Smyrnov. Smirnov is derived from an adjectival nickname smirnyj, that means "quiet, still, peaceful, gentle".

Alexander Samoylovich

Alexander Nikolaevich Samoylovich was a Russian Orientalist-Turkologist who served as a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1929), Rector of the Leningrad Oriental Institute (1922–1925), academic secretary of the Humanities Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1929–1933), and director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1934–1937). He was arrested by the NKVD in October 1937, and was executed on 13 February 1938.

The Communist Academy was a higher educational establishment and research institute based in Moscow. It included scientific institutes of philosophy, history, literature, art and language, Soviet construction and law, world economy and world politics, economics, agrarian research as well as institutes of natural and social science. It was intended to allow Marxists to research problems independent of, and implicitly in rivalry with, the Academy of Sciences which long pre-existed the October Revolution and the subsequent formation of the Soviet Union.

Timiryazevsky District District in Moscow, Russia

Timiryazevsky District is an administrative district (raion) of Northern Administrative Okrug, and one of the 125 raions of Moscow, Russia. The district is known for its public parks - Timiryazavsky Park and the Dubki Park - and the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. The total area of the district is 10.43 square kilometers (4.03 sq mi). Population: 82,800

Boris Livanov Soviet actor and theatre director

Boris Nikolayevich Livanov was a Soviet and Russian actor and theatre director. People's Artist of the USSR (1948). He was a member of the Moscow Art Theatre from 1924 through 1972.

Vasily Chapayev was a Russian soldier and Red Army commander.

Pavel Lobanov Soviet statesman

Pavel Pavlovich Lobanov was a Soviet statesman and economic leader. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union of 4, 5, 7–9 convocations. Member of the Central Auditing Commission of the All–Union Communist Party (Bolshevikss)(1939–1952), candidate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1956–1961). Academician of the Lenin All–Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1948), Doctor of Economics (1967). Hero of Socialist Labour (1971).

Timiryazevo may refer to