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Timm Thaler may refer to:

<i>Timm Thaler</i> (novel) 1962 childrens novel by James Krüss

Timm Thaler oder Das verkaufte Lachen is a 1962 children's novel by German author James Krüss. Regarded by the Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature as Krüss' best known children's book, Timm Thaler tells the story of a boy who trades his enchanting laughter to a wealthy mysterious Mephistopheles-like Baron in exchange for the ability to win any bet he makes. Regretting the exchange, he undertakes a four-year journey to win his laughter back. In 1979, Krüss wrote a sequel novel, Timm Thalers Puppen oder Die verkaufte Menschenliebe.

<i>Timm Thaler</i> (1979 TV series) television series

Timm Thaler is a 1979 children's television miniseries based on the 1962 children's novel by German writer James Krüss. The series originally aired in Germany as the first Christmas series on German national broadcaster ZDF. In 1988, the series was acquired for transmission in the United Kingdom by the BBC. The English version was produced by Angela Beeching, with script by Nel Romano, and retitled The Legend of Tim Tyler. It aired during Children's BBC in the weekday afternoons. The screenplay was written by Justus Pfaue and Peter M. Thouet and differs somewhat from the original novel. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, the series became a hit in Germany and made then 14-year-old Tommi Ohrner, in the lead role of Timm Thaler, a popular teen idol of the era. The role of the Baron was played by Horst Frank.

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Justus Pfaue was a German author and screenwriter.

Edward Vivian Timms (1895–1960), better known as E. V. Timms, was an Australian novelist and screenwriter. He was injured serving in the Gallipoli Campaign during World War I and was an unsuccessful soldier settler before turning to writing. He became a popular novelist, and also wrote scripts for films and radio. He served as an officer during World War II and was on duty the night of the Cowra breakout.

Thomas "Tommi" Ohrner is a German actor, singer and television host. Beginning a career as a child actor at the age of four, Ohrner rose to prominence as a teen idol during the early 1980s, starring in the television series Timm Thaler, Merlin and Manni, der Libero, as well as achieving crossover success as a singer with his English-language pop singles, "Rock 'n' Roll in Old Blue Jeans" and "5 O'Clock Rock". In the 1990s, Ohrner turned to work as a television and radio host before once again returning to acting, most notably as Matthias Brandner on the German soap opera, Verbotene Liebe.

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The Great South Land Saga was a series of 12 novels by E. V. Timms and his wife Alma.

<i>Forever to Remain</i> book by E.V. Timms

Forever to Remain is a 1948 novel by E. V. Timms, the first in his Great South Land Saga series of novels. He wrote it intending to be the first in a 12-part series of novels. It is set in West Australia, where Timms had spent some of his childhood.

<i>The Big Country</i> (Timms novel) book by E.V. Timms

The Big Country is an Australian novel by E. V. Timms and Alma Timms. It was the eleventh in the Great South Land Saga of novels; E. V. Timms died before it was finished so his wife Alma completed the novel.