Timmins Square

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Timmins Square
Timmins Square
Location Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Opening date1976
Management RioCan
Owner RioCan
No. of stores and services70
No. of anchor tenants 4
Total retail floor area 397,303 square feet (36,910.7 m2)
No. of floors1
Website http://timminssquare.com/

Timmins Square is a shopping centre in the Mountjoy neighbourhood of Timmins, in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It has 397,303 square feet (36,910.7 m2) of space. It has approximately 70 stores. [1] Characterized as a regional shopping centre, Timmins Square draws customers from a surrounding area whose population is about 150,000. [2] [3]

Built and initially owned by Multi Malls, Timmins Square opened in 1976. [4] [5] Campeau Corporation bought the mall in 1982. [4] The mall was expanded in 1989 to accommodate Sears as an anchor tenant. [6] [7] Other anchor tenants over the years have included Walmart, Kmart, Dominion Stores, Zellers, Winners, and Sport Chek. [6] [8] [9] In 2000, an outpost of the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre opened in the mall; items believed to be particular tourist draws included an outfit Shania Twain wore for the 1999 Country Music Association Awards. [10]

As of 1999, the mall was owned by Laing Property Corporation, which is based in Vancouver. [11] The mall was purchased by RioCan in May 2001. [12] [13] In 2006 a renovation was completed, [14] the first major updates since the mall opened 30 years prior.


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