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Timna Brauer
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Elias Meiri
Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri, Vienna, 2008 StadtFestWien 20080503 214 Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri.jpg
Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri, Vienna, 2008

Timna Brauer (Hebrew : תמנה בראואר; born May 1, 1961, in Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian-Israeli singer-songwriter. She collaborates with the Israeli pianist Elias Meiri. They are the parents of daughter Jasmin and son Jonathan. She was born in Austria to Austrian dad and Israeli born-mom. Her dad is Arik Brauer.


She represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, singing "Die Zeit ist einsam" (English: Time is Lonely).

Brauer participated in the third season of the Austrian television dance competition Dancing Stars in 2007, coming in tenth place.

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