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Timok (Cyrillic: Тимок, Romanian: Timoc) is a river in eastern Serbia and western Bulgaria.

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Krajina is a Slavic toponym, meaning 'frontier' or 'march'. The term is related with kraj or krai, originally meaning "edge" and today denoting a region or province, usually distant from the metropole.

Timok Valley region in Serbia around the river

The Timok Valley is a geographical region in east-central Serbia around the Timok River. The Timok Valley corresponds to parts of two Serbian districts, with a total 2002 census population of 284,112.

Bregovo Place in Vidin, Bulgaria

Bregovo is a town in the very northwest of Bulgaria, situated on the east bank of the Timok River close to its mouth. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Bregovo Municipality, Vidin Province. The town is located close to the city of Vidin near the national border crossings with Serbia and Romania. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 2,592 inhabitants.

Timok river in Serbia

The Timok, sometimes also known as Great Timok, is a river in eastern Serbia, a right tributary of the Danube. For the last 15 km of its run it forms a border between eastern Serbia and western Bulgaria.

Knjaževac Town and municipality in Southern and Eastern Serbia, Serbia

Knjaževac is a town and municipality located in the Zaječar District of the eastern Serbia. As of 2011, the municipality has a population of 31,491 inhabitants, while the town has 18,404 inhabitants.

The Timočani were a medieval South Slavic tribe that lived in the territory of present-day eastern Serbia, west of the Timok River, as well as in the regions of Banat, Syrmia and Moesia Superior.

The Morava Offensive Operation in Serbian, was undertaken by the Bulgarian First Army between 14 October 1915 and 9 November 1915 as part of the strategic offensive operation of Army Group Mackensen against Serbia in 1915. Under the command of Lieutenant General Kliment Boyadzhiev the Bulgarians seized the fortified areas of Pirot, Niš and the valley of the river Morava. As a result, the Serbian forces were compelled to retreat towards Kosovo and Metohija.

The Serbian League is the third level football league in Serbia. It consists of four groups, namely Belgrade, East, Vojvodina, and West. The winner of each group earns promotion to the Serbian First League.

FK Timok association football club in Serbia

FK Timok is a football club based in Zaječar, Serbia. They currently compete in the Zone League East, the fourth level of the national league system.

Serbian wine

There are nearly 70,000 hectares of vineyards in Serbia, producing about 425,000 tons of grapes annually. The majority of Serbian wines are produced in local wineries.

Svrljiški Timok river in Serbia

The Svrljiški Timok is a river in Serbia, headwater of the Beli Timok. It rises north of the Mountains of Svrljig near the village of Šesti Gabar at elevation 1,078 m and flows to the west, curving around the northern slopes of the Mountains of Svrljig. It passes through many villages, reaching the town of Svrljig, that gives its name to the river, which here gently turns to the north, and after passing through Niševac and Varoš makes a complete turn to the north-east. It runs through Palilula, Podvis and Rgošte, reaching Knjaževac, where it meets the Trgoviški Timok and together they form the Beli Timok. The total length of the river is 64 km; the area of the river basin is 726 km2 (280 sq mi).

Trgoviški Timok river in Serbia

The Trgoviški Timok is a river in Serbia, also known as Korenatac or Strma river. It starts on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains, right under the highest peak of the mountain in Serbia, Midžor, less than a kilometer from the Bulgarian border. The river runs to the east, receiving three smaller streams from the other peaks of Balkan mountain range with colorful names. The river passes through the villages of Balta Berilovac, Vrtovac and Inovo. On this reach it receives the Debelička and Ćuštička rivers from the left and the Golaška and Inovska rivers from the right. At the village of Kalna, it is joined by the Stanjanska River, flowing down the northern slopes of the Jadovnik mountain, turns to the north and becomes known as the Trgoviški Timok.

The Žukovačka River is the largest right tributary of the Trgoviški Timok in Serbia. In its upper course it is also called Leva River and Aldinačka River. It flows into the Trgoviški Timok near Žukovac. Its total length is 21.3 km (13.2 mi), and its drainage basin area is 104 km2 (40 sq mi).

Beli Timok river in Serbia

The Beli Timok is a headwater of the Timok River in Serbia. It starts at the junction of the Svrljiški Timok River and the Trgoviški Timok River, in Knjaževac. It was also known as Knjaževački Timok.

The Crni Timok, also known as Crna River or Krivovirski Timok, is a headwater of the Timok River.

Suva is the capital of Fiji.

Prizren-Timok dialect

The Prizren-Timok dialect is the name given by Serbian linguists to a specific part of Torlakian dialects, spoken in Eastern and South Serbia and Kosovo; an area spanning from Prizren in the south to the Timok River in the north. Its eastern border, starting from Zaječar, roughly forms the border with Bulgaria.

The Srem Offensive was a limited offensive conducted by the Serbian 1st Army against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Negotin Valley

The Negotin Valley is a region in northeastern Serbia. It is isolated and distanced from other parts of Central Serbia. The Negotin Valley has unusual climatic features and hydropotential and geomorphologic sites.