Timos Perlegas

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Timos Perlegas (October 22, 1938 in Patras – April 19, 1993 in Maroussi) was a Greek actor. He died from a heart attack.


Early life

In 1955, he moved to Athens and went to acting school. Among his teachers were Manos Katrakis and Giorgos Theodosiadis.


He first appeared on stage as a member of the Karolos Koun theater company in The Persians by Aeschylus. Later on, he toured Europe with The Birds by Aristophanes. He also worked with the National Theatre of Modern Greece for two years as well as the Karezi-Kazakos company. He also appeared in the cinema and on TV.

Perlegas was a member of the Communist Party of Greece since 1975.


Some of the plays he appeared in include:


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