Timotei Seviciu

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Timotei Seviciu
Church Romanian Orthodox Church
Archdiocese Arad
Predecessor Visarion Aștileanu
Personal details
Traian Petru Sevici

(1936-06-04) 4 June 1936 (age 85)
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Church
Profession Theologian

Timotei Seviciu (Romanian pronunciation:  [timoˈtej ˈsevit͡ʃʲu] ; born Traian Petru Sevici [traˈjan ˈpetru ˈsevit͡ʃʲ] on 4 June 1936 in Timișoara) is a hierarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, since 1984 the bishop and since 2009 the archbishop of the Arad Archdiocese. [1]

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