Timothy Banks

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Timothy Banks

At work in his studio
Asheville, NC
Alma materSavannah College of Art & Design
Known forIllustration, Painting
Notable work
Monsters In Charleston, Nian, The Chinese New Year Dragon
Website http://timothybanks.com

Timothy Banks is an American illustrator and author recognized by Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, Spectrum, 3×3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly, PLAY! Illustration and Showcase 100. His clients include Nike, Paste Magazine, [1] Egmont, Faber & Faber, and Nickelodeon. [2] [3] He has illustrated dozens of children’s books, [4] including a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz for young readers, There's A Norseman in the Classroom and the classic Enid Blyton series, The Five Finder Outer , for Egmont UK. His illustrations for Nian, The Chinese New Year Dragon , released in 2020, help garner a "Reviewer's Choice" Award from Feathered Quill. [5] He has done extensive work for TOWN and Paste Magazine, including Paste's "The Failure Issue" named one of 2015's best covers [6] by min. Also, Banks's work was selected to be the official image for Piccolo Spoleto 2014. [7] In 2017, Banks wrote and published the illustrated anthology, Monsters In Charleston, [8] depicting whimsical monsters taking over his hometown of Charleston, SC.


Honors and awards

Banks is the recipient of numerous honors and awards:

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