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Timothy Björklund, also known as Timothy Berglund, [1] is an American artist, animator, story writer, art director, and director of animated film and television from the United States. [2] His sole movie to date, Teacher's Pet , was nominated for a Golden Satellite Award in 2005. [3]


Personal life

Björklund was born in San Francisco, California, United States. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Graphics/Experimental Animation in 1982 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1984. [4] He is of Icelandic heritage.


Björklund's film career began in 1993 when he wrote and directed dozens of episodes of the Nickelodeon animated series Rocko's Modern Life . In 2000, Björklund directed some episodes of the Disney animated children's television series Teacher's Pet before directing the 2004 spin-off movie. Between 2004 and 2006, he directed all 40 episodes the Disney animated series Brandy & Mr. Whiskers , of which he was executive producer. [2]


As director


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