Timothy Huskey

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Timothy Huskey
Born Berlin, Wisconsin, United States
Died Wylie, Texas
Pen nameDan MacGregor, D.S. Bradford
OccupationArmy helicopter pilot, writer, police officer, government investigator
Alma mater Northern Illinois University and University of North Texas
Home town Palatine, Illinois
Genre Fiction, military fiction, science fiction
Notable works"Blood and Iron"

Timothy Huskey (January 31, 1948 – March 26, 2007) was an American soldier, police officer, and author.

Huskey was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Palatine, Illinois. He went into the US Army and was awarded medals for his actions. After his time with the Army, he became a police officer in Dallas, Texas and an author while living in Plano, Texas and later in Allen, Texas.



Tim Huskey became a helicopter pilot in the Army where he rescued soldiers pinned down by enemy fire. He was once shot down three times in one day. He was awarded multiple medals including:[ citation needed ]


Huskey wrote under the pseudonyms of Dan MacGregor and D.S. Bradford. His book "Blood and Iron" was intended as the first in a series of six books under the title "The Adventures of Levin Rankin". [1] Levin Rankin is a young naval sailor with the series starting in 1898. Huskey died of cancer soon after writing the second book in the series "By Honor Bound", but before publishing the book.

The Adventures of Levi Rankin series: [2]


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