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Timothy James Beck is the collective pseudonym of four 21st-century American novelists — Timothy Forry, Timothy J. Lambert, Jim Carter, and Becky Cochrane — whose collaborative fiction focuses primarily on homosexuals, drag queens, other sexual minorities, and their families and friends. Beck's work is mostly set in Manhattan.


Beck's 2006 novel Someone Like You was a finalist for the 2007 Lambda Literary Awards in the Gay Romance category.

The four writers met online and started writing together in a tandem fiction experiment. When friends and contacts began following their Manhattan tales and asking for more in the manner of Armistead Maupin's readers, they sought and found an agent and publisher. At the beginning, two of the writers lived in Manhattan, one in Texas, and one in California. In time, the two New Yorkers have moved to Connecticut and Texas.


In addition to their Timothy James Beck novels, the individual writers have had short stories published in Best Gay Love Stories 2005,Best Gay Love Stories 2006,Best Gay Love Stories: New York CIty (2006), Fool For Love: New Gay Fiction (2009), and Midnight Thirsts: Erotic Tales of the Vampire (2004).

Lambert and Cochrane cowrote the novels The Deal (2004) and Three Fortunes in One Cookie (2005), as well as edited Fool For Love: New Gay Fiction (2009). Their second anthology Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction was released by Cleis Press in January 2014, and their third anthology, Best Gay Romance 2014, was released by Cleis Press in February 2014.


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