Timothy Joseph Dowd

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Timothy Joseph Dowd (1915-2014) was the deputy chief of New York City Police Department (1940–1978) who led the manhunt to capture David Berkowitz. [1]


He was born in County Kerry, Ireland on May 30, 1915, to Timothy Dowd and Margaret O’Sullivan. He died on December 27, 2014, in Millbrook, New York. He survived by four children; 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. [1]

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Bernard J. Dowd (1891–1971) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1946–1949. He was born in Buffalo's First Ward on December 5, 1891. He graduated from high school around 1915 and entered the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy. He entered World War I in May 1918 as a sergeant in Company G, 309th Infantry, 78 Division. He was gassed in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel and reported dead. In May 1919, Dowd returned to Buffalo honorably discharged from the service. He graduated from pharmacy school and opened Dowd's Pharmacy located after 1940 at 110 Potomac Avenue, at the corner of DeWitt Street. He married Grace J. Nolan on October 22, 1922.

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The Seven Five, also known as Seven Five Precinct, is a 2014 documentary directed by Tiller Russell, and produced by Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, and Sheldon Yellen. The film looks at police corruption in the 75th precinct of the New York Police Department during the 1980s. The documentary focuses on Michael Dowd, a former police officer of 10 years, who was arrested in 1992, leading to one of the largest police corruption scandals in New York City history. The documentary uses footage from the Mollen Commission investigation in 1992 and also provides in-depth commentary from Dowd, Ken Eurell, and Adam Diaz, among others. The documentary premiered at DOC NYC November 14, 2014.

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Alice Mary Dowd was an American educator and author. She was born in West Virginia in 1855 and began teaching at the age of seventeen. Dowd taught for more than three decades before retiring in 1926, having had experience in almost all phases of the work, including district school substitute, evening school, private school, high school, college, and Sunday school. Besides numerous uncollected poems, she published a volume entitled Vacation Verses in 1890. In 1906, she published Our Common Wild Flowers. With her sister, Luella Dowd Smith, she co-authored another book of poetry, Along the Way, in 1938. Dowd was an occasional contributor to papers, and at one time, a regular contributor to the magazine edition of Pasadena News. Dowd died in 1943.


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