Timothy Leemann

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Timothy Leemann
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Personal information
Full nameTimothy Leemann
Country representedSwitzerland
Born (1991-04-22) 22 April 1991 (age 31)
Home townZurich
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Former partner Anaïs Morand
Former coach Ingo Steuer
Richard Leroy
Former choreographerIngo Steuer
Skating clubEC Küsnacht
Training locations Chemnitz
Began skating2000
ISU personal best scores
Combined total114.20
2012 Europeans
Short program41.48
2012 Europeans
Free skate72.72
2012 Europeans

Timothy Leemann (born 22 April 1991) is a Swiss former competitive figure skater. Competing in pair skating with partner Anaïs Morand, he is the 2011–2012 Swiss national champion. In July 2012, it was reported that their partnership had ended. [1] Leemann also competed in single skating.



Pair skating with Morand

Season Short program Free skating
  • James Bond
  • Drum and Techno Mix
    by Safri Duo

Single skating

Season Short program Free skating
  • James Brown medley
  • Michael Jackson medley
  • Insomnia (remix)
    by Faithless
  • Michael Jackson medley

Competitive highlights

Pair skating with Morand

Results [6]
Event 2010–2011 2011–2012
Worlds 18th
Europeans 14th
International: Junior
Junior Worlds 12th
JGP Austria 13th
Bavarian Open 2nd J.
Swiss Champ. 1st1st
JGP = Junior Grand Prix; J. = Junior level

Single skating

Results [7]
Event2007–2008 2008–2009 2009–2010
JGP France 14th
JGP Mexico 10th
JGP Turkey 15th
Cup of Nice 8th J.
Golden Bear 4th J.
Ice Challenge 3rd J.
Merano Cup 5th J.
Swiss Champ. 6th9th
JGP = Junior Grand Prix; J. = Junior level

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