Timothy T. Lockwood

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Timothy T. Lockwood
Portrait of Timothy T. Lockwood
25th Mayor of Buffalo
In office
Preceded by Frederick P. Stevens
Succeeded by Franklin A. Alberger
Personal details
North East, New York
DiedDecember 23, 1870
Utica, New York
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s)married twice; Charlotte and Louise C. Francher
Childrenfour children

Timothy T. Lockwood (1810–1870) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1858–1859. He was born in North East, New York in 1810. In the early 1830s, he studied medicine at Philadelphia Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He returned to Buffalo around 1842 and became a member of the Erie County Medical Society. In 1851, Lockwood was appointed city health physician under Mayor James Wadsworth. He was married to Charlotte of Hamburg, New York; she died and he re-married on October 25, 1869, this time to Louise C. Francher. [2]

He was elected as mayor of Buffalo on June 9, 1857 as the Democratic candidate. His term as mayor ended on January 3, 1859. After his term expired, Lockwood resumed his medical practice. On December 23, 1870, he died in Utica, New York, and was buried between the bodies of both his wives in Forest Lawn Cemetery. [2]

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James Wadsworth was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1851–1852.

Eli Cook (1814–1865) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving in 1853 and from 1854 to 1855. He was born in Palatine Bridge, New York on January 23, 1814. He took up law in 1830, passed the bar exam, and in 1837 he practiced in Tennessee and Mississippi with rebel General Simon B. Buckner. In 1838, he moved to Buffalo where he became one of the leading criminal lawyers. He married around 1838, but his wife died soon after; he re-married in 1843, to Sarah L. He was appointed city attorney in 1845, and again in 1851.

Frederick P. Stevens (1810–1866) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1856–1857. He was born on October 26, 1810, in Pierpont, New Hampshire. He taught, studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1835 or 1836, soon after coming to Buffalo. On January 20, 1837, he was appointed judge of the Court of Common Pleas by Governor William L. Marcy. He was the first presiding judge of Erie County Court, successor to the Court of Common Pleas. He never married.

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Louis P. Fuhrmann (1868–1931) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1910–1917. He was born in Buffalo, New York on November 7, 1868. He grew up on the city's east side, graduated from Central High School, and began working in the meat packing industry. In 1892, he started his own meat packing business at 1010 Clinton Street. He married Alice S. Meald on July 13, 1900.

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George Sturgess Buck (1875–1931) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1918–1922. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on February 10, 1875, and moved to Buffalo the following year. He graduated from Buffalo's Central High School in 1892, and received a B. A. from Yale University in 1896. He graduated from the Buffalo Law School in 1898, and was admitted to the bar the same year. He married Ellen Louise Hussey on October 6, 1903.

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Charles Edward Roesch (1886–1936) was Mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1930–1933. He was born in Buffalo at 613 Oak Street on March 31, 1886, the son of a leading local meatpacker. He graduated from Public School No. 15 in June, 1901, and he joined his father in his wholesale and retail meat business in the Chippewa Market. In 1914, he started his own meat business at the Broadway Market. He married Mabel C. Klinck on June 3, 1914; her uncle was former mayor Louis P. Fuhrmann. The Roesch's lived at one address for their entire marriage, 633 North Oak Street, just down the block from where he was born.

Thomas Leslie Holling (1889–1966) was mayor of the City of Buffalo, New York, serving 1938–1941. He was born April 23, 1889, in Bad Axe, Michigan. He grew up in Wyoming, Ontario, moving to Buffalo in 1906, and learned the printing business. He started his own printing business in 1911, the Holling Press. In 1924, the company opened a new 10-story plant at 501 Washington Street. On June 14, 1910, he married Mary Lenhard; she died in 1955 and he remarried the following year to Helen Busch Steele in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Frederick P. Stevens
Mayor of Buffalo, NY
Succeeded by
Franklin A. Alberger