Timrå IK

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Timrå IK
Timra IK logo.svg
City Timrå, Sweden
League Swedish Hockey League
Founded11 May 1928;95 years ago (1928-05-11)
Home arena NHC Arena
(Capacity: 6,000)
General manager Kimmo Kapanen
Head coachAnders Karlsson
Captain Anton Lander
Website timraik.se
Kit left arm icehockey.svg
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm icehockey.svg
Kit shorts icehockey.svg
Home colours
Kit left arm icehockey.svg
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm icehockey.svg
Kit shorts icehockey.svg
Away colours
Franchise history
1928–1942Wifstavarvs IK
1942–1963Wifsta/Östrands IF
1963–1966Wifsta/Östrand–Fagerviks IF
1966–1990Timrå IK
1990–1994Sundsvall/Timrå Hockey
1994–1995ST Hockey
1995–presentTimrå IK
Hockey current event.svg Current season
Artwork consisting of a helmet outside NHC Arena. Spapshjalmen 05.jpg
Artwork consisting of a helmet outside NHC Arena.

Timrå IK is a professional Swedish ice hockey team based in Timrå, north of Sundsvall. It competes in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), which is the top-tier league in Sweden, since being promoted by winning 2021 SHL qualifiers. Previous seasons in the top Swedish division include 1956–57 to 1975–76, 1977–78, 1981–82, 2000–01 to 2012–13 and 2018–19. The team's home venue is NHC Arena with a capacity of 6,000 spectators.


The club was founded on 11 Maj 1928 as a boxing club and started the ice hockey section in 1937. [1] [2] Timrå are historically traditional rivals with MoDo Hockey since they both are situated in Västernorrland County and are playing in the professional ice hockey leagues in Sweden.


The club origins from Wifstavarfs GIF, founded in 1921, later relaunched as Wifstavarvs IK, in 1928, and Östrands IF, founded in 1931. Both clubs started playing ice hockey in 1938 and in the summer of 1942 they merged into Wifsta/Östrands IF, more commonly called W/Ö. W/Ö made its first Swedish Championship appearance in 1943. The championships were played independently from the national league at the time. [3]

Five seasons later, 1948–49 the team was accepted for play in the national league system in Sweden. Starting in third league, Wifsta/Östrands IF won nine out of ten games and directly advanced to second league or Division II Norra (North Division).

In the spring of 1956, having spent seven seasons facing teams like Brynäs IF, Mora IK and Leksands IF, W/Ö qualified for the top national league on March 10, 1956 as the top league, Division I, nicknamed Allsvenskan by many, was expanded from 6+6 to 8+8 teams, a North and South Division.

In 1963, the local club Fagerviks GF was absorbed and W/Ö was renamed Wifsta/Östrand–Fagerviks IF or simply WÖF.

Starting with the 1958–59 season, W/Ö was playing its home games on an artificial ice rink. Some years later an ice arena was built, and WÖF played its first indoor season 1965–66 under the roof of what is now NHK Arena. Just one year later, the lengthy name Wifsta/Östrand–Fagerviks IF was finally replaced by Timrå IK as of 1966–67.

Timrå IK continued to play successful hockey and stayed in the top league in Sweden until Elitserien was formed in 1975. Having finished last of the 10 teams, the club received their first relegation and was demoted after 20 years in the top league. Back in second league for the 1976–77 season, Timrå stood undefeated in all 22 games and qualified for promotion again. However, it did not last. Two one-year visits in Elitserien 1977–78 and 1981–82 ended in low results and relegation.

Many winters later, still in second league, an effort to regain the status of old times was made. On May 22, 1990, the collaboration Sundsvall/Timrå Hockey was formed with the nearby club IF Sundsvall Hockey. Still no success, and just a few years after, the joint Main/Farm team relationship was ended.

Some confusion followed when the former Timrå club was named ST Hockey during the 1994–95 season, but is since April 6, 1995 known as Timrå IK yet again.

After qualifying for the Kvalserien in 2000, the Red Eagles finally earned promotion to Elitserien on April 14, 2000, and returned to Elitserien after 18 years of absence. Almost three years later, March 1, 2003, Timrå IK played the Swedish Championship playoffs for the first time since 1974.

In the 2007–08 season Timrå IK moved up Anton Lander and Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson from the junior teams. Despite both being only 16 years old at the time, their game was a success. They were both offered, and signed, professional hockey contracts with the club.

In the 2012–13 season, Timrå finished eleventh in the regular season and therefore had to play in the 2013 Kvalserien to stay in the top-tier league, but the team finished outside the top two spots and was relegated to the second-tier league HockeyAllsvenskan for the first time since the 1999–2000 season.

After playing five seasons in HockeyAllsvenskan, Timrå were able to earn a promotion to the SHL following the conclusion of the 2017–18 HockeyAllsvenskan season. Some of the key players during the season and the subsequent promotion playoffs were Jonathan Dahlén, Vilmos Galló, Anton Wedin and goaltender Henrik Haukeland. [4]

Crest evolution

Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson in Timra IK's away jersey SvenssonPaajarvi.jpg
Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson in Timrå IK's away jersey

The crest of Timrå IK consists of a shield with two pines with the text Timrå IK spelled out in sky-blue letters at the bottom. Present shield is a contemporary interpretation of Timrå IK's earlier shields and made its debut for the 2012/2013 season when it replaced the earlier Timrå Red Eagles shield which had been in used since season 1996/1997. [5] The current logo resembles the shield of Timrå Municipality along with Västernorrland County and has a strong local connection. [6]

In the original shield the abbreviation of the club "WIK" (Wifstavarvs IK) is spelled out and the clubs year of inception spelled in the right corner. During the fusion with IF Sundsvall Hockey they jointly played under the name "Sundsvall Timrå Hockey" (ST Hockey) and which crest beard little resemblance to Timrå IK's former shields. [7]

Average attendances

The table below show Timrå IK's attendances for the latest seasons in both the SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan during regular season. [8] [9] [10]

2016–17 NHC Arena 6,00078 9493 036 Green-Up-Arrow.svg 50.6% HA
2017–18 79 5853 061 Green-Up-Arrow.svg 51% HA
2018–19 102 2283 932 Green-Up-Arrow.svg 65.5% SHL
2019–20 86 8143 339 RedDownArrow.svg 55.7% HA
2020–21 1 15845 RedDownArrow.svg 0.8% HA
2021–22 91 5023 519 Green-Up-Arrow.svg 58.6% SHL

Season-by-season results

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by Timrå IK. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Timrå IK seasons.

2017–18 Allsv 52261214799134992981stWon in Hockeyallsvenskan Final, 3–0 (Leksand)
Won in Direktkval, 4–3 (Karlskrona)
Promoted to SHL
2018–19 SHL 521033954411518241814thLost in Direktkval, 3–4 (Oskarshamn)
Relegated to HockeyAllsvenskan
2019–20 Allsv5229111281071781166173rd(Play Off (Slutspelsserien) (6 teams) cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic )
2020–21 Allsv523610241181991014881stWon in Hockeyallsvenskan Final, 4–1 (IF Björklöven)
Promoted to SHL
2021–22 SHL 521429455613317740914thWon in Play Out, 4–0 (Djurgårdens IF)

Players and personnel

Current roster

Updated: 4 March 2023. [11] [12]

No. Nat Player Pos S/G AgeAcquiredBirthplace
10 Flag of Sweden.svg Robin Alvarez LW L35 2021 Malmö, Sweden
19 Flag of Sweden.svg Erik Andersson LW L28 2021 Nittorp, Sweden
23 Flag of Sweden.svg Jeremy Boyce C L29 2010 Stockholm, Sweden
54 Flag of Sweden.svg Jonathan Dahlén  ( A ) LW L25 2022 Östersund, Sweden
26 Flag of Sweden.svg Noel Edfeldt D L20 2021 Ånge, Sweden
4 Flag of Sweden.svg Tim Erixon D L32 2021 Port Chester, New York, United States
63 Flag of Finland.svg Elmeri Eronen D R28 2022 Turku, Finland
78 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Robin Hanzl C L34 2021 Usti nad Labem, Czechoslovakia
94 Flag of Sweden.svg Sebastian Hartmann RW R29 2019 Uppsala, Sweden
30 Flag of Sweden.svg Jacob Johansson G L29 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
27 Flag of Sweden.svg Oliver Johansson C L19 2021 Sundsvall, Sweden
36 Flag of Finland.svg Karolus Kaarlehto G L25 2023 Turku, Finland
51 Flag of Sweden.svg Anton Lander  ( C ) C L32 2022 Sundsvall, Sweden
33 Flag of Sweden.svg Albin Lundin C L27 2019 Stockholm, Sweden
6 Flag of Finland.svg Joonas Lyytinen D L28 2022 Espoo, Finland
15 Flag of Finland.svg Panu Mieho C L28 2023 Helsinki, Finland
91 Flag of Sweden.svg Magnus Pääjärvi LW L32 2022 Norrköping, Sweden
34 Flag of Finland.svg Olli Palola RW R35 2023 Oulu, Finland
14 Flag of Sweden.svg Emil Pettersson C L29 2022 Sundsvall, Sweden
61 Flag of Finland.svg Axel Rindell D R23 2022 Espoo, Finland
7 Flag of Sweden.svg Jakob Stenqvist D R25 2022 Mora, Sweden
9 Flag of Sweden.svg Didrik Strömberg  ( A ) D L29 2021 Sundsvall, Sweden
2 Flag of Sweden.svg Per Svensson D L34 2020 Oskarshamn, Sweden
22 Flag of Sweden.svg Dennis Värmhed C L20 2022 Stockholm, Sweden
24 Flag of Sweden.svg Erik Walli-Walterholm LW L24 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
57 Flag of Sweden.svg Anton Wedin LW L30 2022 Sundsvall, Sweden

Honored members

Timrå IK retired numbers
5 Lennart Svedberg D 1959–62, 1969–72
8 Eje Lindström D 1953–60
11 Bert-Ola Nordlander D 1956–63
20 Henrik Zetterberg C 1997–2002, 2004–05
24 Mats Näslund LW 1975–78

Team captains

Head coaches

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The marathon standings for the top Swedish ice hockey league refers to a summation of the final regular season standings for all seasons of all of the leagues that have functioned as the highest tier of Swedish ice hockey. This includes Klass I (1922–27), the original Elitserien (1927–35), Svenska Serien (1935–44), Division I (1944–75), and the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) under both its former name and its current name.

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The 2015–16 HockeyAllsvenskan season was the 11th season since the second tier of ice hockey in Sweden was renamed. The league features 14 teams, each playing each other four times, for a total of 52 regular season games. The season began on 11 September 2015 and the regular season ended on 28 February 2016, followed by promotion and relegation tournaments until 2 April.

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The 2018–19 HockeyAllsvenskan season is the 14th season that the second tier of Swedish ice hockey has operated under that name. The series consists of 14 teams playing a regular season in which each team plays each other team four times, twice at home and twice away. This is followed by a series of promotion and relegation tournaments, with the teams finishing first through eight participating in promotion playoffs, and the teams finishing 13th and 14th forced to requalify to avoid relegation to the Hockeyettan.


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