Timur Gaidar

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Timur Gaidar
Native name
Тимур Гайдар
Born(1926-12-08)December 8, 1926
Archangelsk, RSFSR, USSR
DiedDecember 23, 1999(1999-12-23) (aged 73)
Moscow, Russia
AllegianceFlag of the Soviet Union.svg  Soviet Union
Service/branchNaval Ensign of the Soviet Union (1950-1991).svg  Soviet Navy
Years of service1948-?
Rank Rear Admiral
Battles/warsCold War
Relations Arkady Gaidar (father),
Yegor Gaidar (son)
Other workjournalist, Military correspondent of Pravda

Timur Arkadyevich Gaidar (Russian : Тиму́р Арка́дьевич Гайда́р; December 8, 1926 December 23, 1999) was a Soviet/Russian rear admiral, writer and journalist. He was supposed to be the inspiration for Timur from Arkady Gaidar's book Timur and His Squad that was the inspiration for the Timurite movement.


Early life and career

Gaidar was born in Arkhangelsk, the son of well-known children's writer Arkady Gaidar and screenwriter Lia Solomyanskaya. He graduated from the Leningrad Naval School [1] in 1948 and the faculty of journalism of the Lenin Military-Political Academy in 1954, and served on submarines of the Baltic Fleet and the Pacific Ocean Fleet. Beginning in 1957 he worked for newspapers, including The Soviet Fleet , the Red Star , and Pravda . [2] He fought in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and was a friend of Cuban General Raúl Castro. [lower-alpha 1] In 1965–1971 Timur Gaidar was working in Belgrade, SFRY. [5]

Gaidar died in Moscow. His widow is Ariadna Bazhova (born 1925), daughter of the Russian writer Pavel Bazhov. Yegor Gaidar, a Russian politician, was their son. [6]


  1. According to Andrey Illarionov, Timor Aikadievich Gaidar (Russian: Тимур Аркадьевич Гайдар) was a high ranking GRU agent posing as a Pravda reporter while he was in Cuba, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan during the Soviet War in Afghanistan, as well as Syria, Indonesia, the Persian Gulf, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh. At his home in Cuba, the younger Gaidar was six when he claimed he saw his father meet with Major General I. D. Statsenko (Russian: И. Д. Стаценко), who was the commander of the 53rd (41st) missile division, Rear Admiral A. M. Tikhonov (Russian: А. М. Тихонов), who was the head of counterintelligence of the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba (GSVK) (Russian: Группы советских войск на Кубе (ГСВК)), and Raul Castro, who was the Minister of War for the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, while 15 ships of the United States 7th fleet could be seen from his window although the 7th Fleet would have been in the Pacific Ocean during the Cuban Missile Crisis which the Soviets called operation Anadyr (Russian: операции Анадырь). [3] [4]

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Gaidar is a Russian surname. It was originally a pen name of Russian writer Arkady Gaidar (1904-1941) and was taken as their last name by his descendants. His son, Timur Gaidar, published two versions of the pseudonym's origin:

  1. Arkady took the name Gaidar from a Khakas-language word meaning going first, the leader.
  2. The name represents an abbreviation of French "Golikov Arkadid 'Arzamas", which means "Golikov, Arkadi from Arzamas".

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