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Timur Aleksandrovich Ismagilov (Russian : Тиму́р Алекса́ндрович Исмаги́лов; born 27 February 1982) is a Russian Bashkir composer and pianist. In his music he combines various composition techniques with a sustained interest in traditional Tatar and Bashkir melodic language. [1]



Timur Ismagilov was born in Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia). As a child he taught himself to play all the musical instruments that were available at home: the piano and different types of accordion (bayan, talyanka, saratovskaya). He also performed and recorded as a singer of Tatar and Bashkir songs.

Ismagilov started to compose music at the age of 11 and attended Rustem Sabitov's composition class in 1995–2000. [2] He graduated from the Lyceum of Ufa State Institute of Arts (Lyudmila Alexeeva's piano class). [3] In 2005 he graduated from Alexander Tchaikovsky's composition class at the Moscow Conservatory. [4]

In 2005–2008 he took a postgraduate course in the conservatory (academic advisor Alexander Tchaikovsky, scientific advisor Svetlana Savenko). The result was a musicological work titled "DSCH. Sketch of a Monograph about the Monogram". An article based on this study was published in Berlin in 2013. [5]

In 2006 Timur Ismagilov founded the Sviatoslav Richter's memorial website. [6] He has been organizing contemporary music concerts since 2010, and became one of the composers interviewed by Dmitry Bavilskiy for the book “To be called for: Conversations with contemporary composers” (published in 2014). [7] Besides composing his own music, Ismagilov has made about 600 transcriptions and arrangements for different sets of instruments. [8]


Orchestral music
Chamber music
Vocal music
Piano music


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