Timur Kalizhanov

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Timur Kalizhanov
Personal information
Date of birth (1993-04-16) 16 April 1993 (age 29)
Place of birth Nakhodka, Russia
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Position(s) Attacking midfielder
Youth career
2000–2011 Dynamo Moscow
2012–2013 Neman Grodno
Senior career*
2013 Neman Grodno 4 (0)
International career
2013 Kazakhstan U-21 6 (1)
*Club domestic league appearances and goals

Timur Kalizhanov (Russian : Тимур Булатович Калижанов; born 16 April 1993) is a Russian-Kazakh former professional footballer.

International career

Kalizhanov represented Kazakhstan at 2013 CIS Cup. Before that, he represented Russia at several junior competitions.

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