Timur Rodriguez

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Timur Rodriguez
Тимур Родригез
Rodriges Timur.jpg
Timur Kerimov

(1979-10-14) October 14, 1979 (age 43)
Other namesTeymur Karimov
Occupation(s)singer, comedian, entertainer, TV host, actor, DJ

Timur Mikailovich Rodriguez (Russian : Тимур Микаилович Родригез, born Kerimov, Russian : Керимов, October 14, 1979 in Penza), often stylized as T-moor Rodriguez, is a Russian showman, singer, TV and radio personality, known for his participation on the TV projects KVN, Comedy Club and «Yuzhnoye Butovo», and leading programs «Crocodile», «Sexy chart» and «Dances without rules».


Timur's father Mikail Karimov (Микаил Керимов) is Azerbaijani [1] and his mother Zlata Efimovna Levina (Злата Ефимовна Левина) is Jewish. Mikayil is an actor in a puppet theater and Zlata is a translator and teacher of English and German.

From 2010, Timur became known as the singer, the executor of the songs "Passion" (duet with Ani Lorak), "About You" and "Hurting For You". In April 2011 release of his new single "Tell Me", and in summer – "Out in space", in the autumn of 2011 – "Better not be", in the winter of 2012 – "Welcome to the Night", in the summer of 2012 – "Jump" (duet with DJ Smash), in the autumn of 2012 – "I Believe in Your Love".


Hosted TV shows

  • «Знакомство с мамой» (Muz-TV) [2]
  • «Натуральный обмен» (Muz-TV)
  • «Чемпионат MИPA» (Muz-TV)
  • «Бешенл Джеографик» (TNT Russia)
  • «Звезды против Караоке» (TNT Russia)
  • «Танцы без правил» (TNT Russia)
  • «Чемодан историй» (Mir)
  • «КомпроМарио» (MUSICBOX)
  • «Крокодил» (Muz-TV)
  • «Sexy Чарт» (Muz-TV)
  • «Музыкальный ринг» (NTV Russia)
  • «TOP 10» (MUSICBOX)
  • Billboard чарт (Muz-TV)
  • «Минутное Дело»(Rossiya 1)


Music videos

2009«Увлечение feat. Ani Lorak»Pavel KhudyakovTBA
2010«О тебе»Pavel KhudyakovTBA
2011«Out in space»Pavel KhudyakovTBA
2011«Лучше не будет»Sergey TkachenkoTBA
2012«Welcome to the night»Sergey TkachenkoTBA
2012«Jump feat. DJ Smash»Pavel KhudyakovTBA
2012«Я верю в твою любовь»Sergey TkachenkoTBA


Timur Rodriguez with his wife Anna Devochkina at the ceremony of Muz-TV award on June 3, 2011 Rodrigez supruga.jpg
Timur Rodriguez with his wife Anna Devochkina at the ceremony of Muz-TV award on June 3, 2011

Timur is married and has 2 children. [3] [4] [5]

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