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Timway (simplified Chinese :添达; traditional Chinese :添達; pinyin :Tiān Dá) is a web portal and directory primarily serving Hong Kong. The Timway Hong Kong Search Engine is designed for searching web sites in Hong Kong. It supports web search query in English and Chinese, and indexes web pages in both languages. [1]


The Timway Hong Kong Search Engine was introduced in 1997 by Tim Yu. [2] It was the first directory in Traditional Chinese. It sorted results by popularity and freshness[ vague ] instead of alphabetical order. [3]

Sina.com.hk used Timway in addition to Google for finding Hong Kong webpages. [4] Yahoo also cooperated with Timway for the search engine marketing business. [5] According to web traffic analysis company Alexa, Timway was one of the top ten most popular websites in Hong Kong by 2009. [6]

Timway now also sells web hosting and other services.[ citation needed ]


The search engine was first created by its founder Tim Yu [2] in July 1997. As an engineer and a book lover, Yu discovered that a Hong Kong-oriented search engine would be more effective in processing massive data (in both English and Chinese) and allow the user to get the exact information required. [3] Seeing the potential in this area, Yu started a searchable directory in Hong Kong. This initiative started earlier than Yahoo!HK, [7] which marked a milestone in the developments of the Hong Kong search portal business.


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    • Timway began to provide eCommerce solution starting from 2000.
    • Timway started to offer digital marketing services to clients starting from 2012, helping matching potential consumers with related businesses through various online channels.
    • Timway developed Online Food Ordering Platform in 2015, helping restaurants handle take away orders in shorter time, lower cost and offered great convenience to customers.