Tin Hau Temple Road

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Entrance of the Tin Hau Temple Garden along Tin Hau Temple Road. CausewayBay TinHauTemple Entrance.jpg
Entrance of the Tin Hau Temple Garden along Tin Hau Temple Road.
Tin Hau Temple Road HK Tin Hau Temple Road South 1.jpg
Tin Hau Temple Road
Belilios Public School, 51 Tin Hau Temple Road Belilios Public School.JPG
Belilios Public School, 51 Tin Hau Temple Road

Tin Hau Temple Road (Chinese :天后廟道) is a road starting in Causeway Bay near Tin Hau MTR station with a large portion being in the North Point Mid-Levels on Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong.

Starting from King's Road on the west, the road then slopes up, before being mostly flat, until it ends in a dead end after a roundabout. A number of intersections connect Tin Hau Temple Road to other roads, such as Fortress Hill Road, Cloud View Road and Pak Fuk Road.

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Coordinates: 22°17′16.1″N114°11′58.1″E / 22.287806°N 114.199472°E / 22.287806; 114.199472

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The Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay is one of the Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong. It is located at 10 Tin Hau Temple Road, Causeway Bay, east of Victoria Park, in Eastern District, on Hong Kong Island. The temple has given its name to the MTR station serving it, and consequently the neighboring area of Tin Hau.