Tin Mountain

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Tin Mountain
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Tin Mountain in the background, shrouded.
Highest point
Elevation 8,953 ft (2,729 m) [1]
Prominence 3,993 ft (1,217 m) [2]
Isolation 28.05 mi (45.14 km) [2]
Coordinates 36°53′12″N117°27′22″W / 36.88667°N 117.45611°W / 36.88667; -117.45611 [1]
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Tin Mountain
Location in the state of California
Parent range Panamint Range
Topo map USGS Tin Mountain

Tin Mountain is an 8,953-foot (2,729 m) summit in the Panamint Range in northern Death Valley National Park, California, located north of Teakettle Junction.

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