Tin Ujević Award

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The Tin Ujević Award (Croatian : Nagrada "Tin Ujević") is an award given for contributions to Croatian poetry. It is considered the most prestigious award in Croatia and is named after the poet Tin Ujević.

The award was founded in 1980 and is awarded by the Croatian Writers' Society.



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Vesna Pisarović is a Croatian pop and jazz singer.

Tin Ujević Croatian poet

Augustin Josip "Tin" Ujević was a Croatian poet, considered by many to be the greatest poet in 20th century Croatian literature.

Vesna Krmpotić was a Croatian writer and translator.

The Vladimir Nazor Award is a Croatian prize for arts and culture established in 1959 and awarded every year by the Ministry of Culture.

The Croatian Publishing and Bibliographic Institute was a lexicographic institute in the Independent State of Croatia founded on August 9, 1941. Mate Ujević was its director. In 1944, Dragutin Tadijanović became the literary secretary of the institute. With the creation of communist Yugoslavia in 1945, the institute's work was stopped.

The Antun Branko Šimić Award is an award for contributions to Croatian poetry by Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina or members of the Croatian Writers' Society of Herzeg-Bosnia. It is named after the Herzegovinian Croat poet Antun Branko Šimić. It was briefly awarded in Yugoslavia under the name Braća Šimić Award and was later reinstated under its current name in 1998.

The Dr. Ivan Šreter Award is an annual Croatian linguistics award for the best Croatian language word coined.

Mirko Kovač was a Yugoslav writer. In his rich career he wrote novels, short stories, essays, film scripts, TV and radio plays. Among his best known works are the novels Gubilište, Životopis Malvine Trifković, Vrata od utrobe, Grad u zrcalu, the short story collection Ruže za Nives Koen, the book of essays Europska trulež and the scripts for some of the most successful films of Yugoslav cinema like Handcuffs, Playing Soldiers and Occupation in 26 Pictures among others. He was one quarter of the infamous Belgrade quartet, the other three being Danilo Kiš, Borislav Pekić and Filip David.

Croatia rediviva: Ča, Kaj, Što – baštinski dani is a Croatian poetical manifestation, gathering poets of all Croatian dialects functioning as literary languages.

Vesna Parun Croatian poet

Vesna Parun was a Croatian poet.

Igor Zidić is a Croatian art historian, art critic, poet and essayist. He is considered a top expert on Croatian modern art.

Drago Hedl Croatian journalist

Drago Hedl is a Croatian investigative journalist.

Jadranka Đokić Croatian actress

Jadranka Đokić is a Croatian actress. One of the top Croatian actresses, she has won critical approval for her theatre, film and television performances.

The SFera Award is awarded annually by the science fiction society SFera in Zagreb since 1981. Until 1991, it was given to participants from whole of Yugoslavia, but since 1994 only for works originally published in Croatian.

Jakša Fiamengo

Jakša Fiamengo, was a prominent Croatian poet of Čakavian dialect, translator, theatre critic and member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. As an author and lyricist of many Dalmatian evergreens, sung by klapa and famous Oliver Dragojević and aesthetic Čakavian poet he is considered among greatest Croatian Čakavian and Mediterranean-oriented literaries, together with Drago Gervais, Mate Balota and Vladimir Nazor.

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