Tina Hedström

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Tina Hedström
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Eva Christina Hedström

(1942-05-31)31 May 1942
Solna, Sweden
Died20 October 1984(1984-10-20) (aged 42)
Stockholm, Sweden
Years active1963–1984
Known forTamara Kusenov in Topaz

Eva Christina Hedström (31 May 1942, Solna – 20 October 1984, Stockholm) was a Swedish actress, best known internationally for appearing as Tamara Kusenov in the Alfred Hitchcock film Topaz (1969). She also appeared in several Swedish films. [1]



1964 The Dress Edit Fürst
1965Tills. med Gunilla månd. kväll o. tisd.Inga
1966 My Sister, My Love Ebba Livin
1968 Fanny Hill Monika Arvidsson
1968 The Corridor Olsson's daughter
1969 Topaz Tamara Kusenov
1971 Maid in Sweden Helen
1972 Georgia, Georgia Waitress
1975 The White Wall Mona's mother

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