Tinglin Park

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Tinglin Park [1] [2] (Chinese: 亭林公园; pīnyīn: tínglíngōngyuán) is located in the north-west of Kunshan, China. [3] Because the Yufeng mountain (玉峰山) in this park looks like a saddle (Chinese: 马鞍; pīnyīn: mǎ’ān), the park was named Ma’anshan Park in 1906. In 1936, it was renamed to Tinglin Park in memory of the 17th-century scholar Gu Yanwu, also known as Gu Tinglin. It covers an area of more than 850 acres.

The entrance door of Tinglin Park The entrance door of Tinglin Park.JPG
The entrance door of Tinglin Park
Statue of Gu Tinglin Statuary of Gu Tinglin.JPG
Statue of Gu Tinglin

Brief Introduction

Tinglin Park has a long history and has several places of interest on its premises, lakes, monuments and pagodas. It is known as "the best among the mountains of the Jiangdong[ citation needed ]. Inside the park, there is a small gallery of Kunshan stones and a museum to Kunqu opera.

The inscription of Tinglin Park The inscription of Tinglin Park.JPG
The inscription of Tinglin Park

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