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Tingting (Chinese :婷婷) is a feminine name of Chinese origin that may refer to:

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Alexandra is the feminine form of the given name Alexander. Etymologically, the name is a compound of the Greek verb ἀλέξειν and ἀνήρ. Thus it may be roughly translated as "defender of man" or "protector of man". The name Alexandra was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean "one who comes to save warriors". The earliest attested form of the name is the Mycenaean Greek 𐀀𐀩𐀏𐀭𐀅𐀨, written in the Linear B syllabic script. Alexandra and its masculine equivalent, Alexander, are both common names in Greece as well as countries where Germanic, Romance, and Slavic languages are spoken.

Zhao Tingting is a Chinese badminton player from Nantong, Jiangsu.

Chan is a non-pinyin romanisation of multiple Chinese surnames, based on different varieties of Chinese.

James, Jim, and Jimmy Parker may refer to:

Pedersen is a Danish and Norwegian patronymic surname, literally meaning "son of Peder". It is the fourth most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 3.4% of the population, and the sixth most common in Norway. It is of similar origin as the surname Petersen.

Zhang Ling may refer to:

Liu Xuan is the name of:

Liu Yang or Yang Liu may refer to:

Liu Jing may refer to:

Mariya is a variation of the feminine given name Maria.

Hu Ting-ting or Judy Hu is an England-born Taiwanese actress.

Yelena or Jelena is a feminine given name. It is the Russian form of Helen, written Елена in Russian.

<i>All Men Are Brothers</i> (TV series) 2011 Chinese television series

All Men Are Brothers is a 2011 Chinese television series adapted from Shi Nai'an's 14th century novel Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The series is directed by Kuk Kwok-leung and features cast members from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The series was first broadcast on 8TV in March 2011 in Malaysia.

Liu Tingting is a Chinese rower.

Can is a common Turkish, Azerbaijani and Circassian given name and surname, meaning spirit, life, soul or heart. Turkish and Azerbaijani use is derived from the Persian word Jan and Circassian use is derived from Circassian word Janberk. In Turkish, the name Can is pronounced similarly to the common English name John. Džan Is a variant in use in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ling is a surname which can be of either Chinese, English, or Nordic origin.

Liu Tingting is a Chinese athlete specializing in the hammer throw. She competed at two World Championships in Athletics, failing to reach the final both times. She was the 2015 Asian champion in the event, having won silver medals at the Asian Athletics Championships in 2011 and 2013.

Liu Tingting is the name of:

Liu Xin is the name of:

Gan is a surname. It may be a Latin-alphabet spelling of four different Chinese surnames, a Korean surname, and a surname in other cultures.