Tinguipaya Municipality

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Tinguipaya Municipality
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Location within Potosí Department
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Tinguipaya Municipality
Location within Bolivia
Coordinates: 19°23′S66°0′W / 19.383°S 66.000°W / -19.383; -66.000 Coordinates: 19°23′S66°0′W / 19.383°S 66.000°W / -19.383; -66.000
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg  Bolivia
Department Potosí Department
Province Tomás Frías Province
Seat Tinguipaya
Time zone UTC-4 (BOT)

Tinguipaya Municipality is the first municipal section of the Tomás Frías Province in the Potosí Department in Bolivia. Its seat is Tinguipaya.



The municipality consists of the following cantons:


The municipality is located in the interadean zone with heights between 3,100 m and 4,882 m Malmisa being the highest elevation. Some of the highest mountains of the municipality are listed below: [1]

  • Malmisa, 4,882 m
  • Yana Qaqa, 4,858 m
  • Wila Salla, 4,784 m
  • Puka Qucha Punta, 4,756 m
  • Yuraq Urqu, 4,742 m
  • Jach'a Q'awa, 4,718 m
  • Salla Punta, 4,640 m
  • Wayna Potosí, 4,630 m
  • Kuntur Nasa, 4,645 m
  • Wayllita Punta, 4,626 m
  • Wila Salla, 4,616 m
  • Warmi Wañuna, 4,600 m
  • Qiwiña Punta, 4,530 m
  • Janq'u Janq'u, 4,500 m
  • Kunturiri, 4,450 m
  • Pä Qullu Punta, 4,400 m
  • Q'illu Kancha, 4,350 m
  • Kuntur Maña, 4,240 m
  • Qura Waña, 4,180 m
  • Sayasta, 4,170 m
  • T'inki, 4,080 m
  • Wankarani, 3,945 m

The people

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. [2]

Ethnic group%
Quechua 94.7
Aymara 0.2
Guaraní, Chiquitos, Moxos 0.0
Not indigenous 5.1
Other indigenous groups0.0

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Jatun Mayu which upstream is called Tinkipaya is a Bolivian river in the Potosí Department, Tomás Frías Province, Tinkipaya Municipality, Tinkipaya Canton, north of Potosí. It is a left tributary of the upper Pillku Mayu. The confluence is about 10 km south east of Tinkipaya.


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