Tinius Olsen

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Tinius Olsen
Tinius Olsen uitvinder Universele Test machine.jpg
BornDecember 7, 1845 (1845-12-07) [1]
Died20 October 1932(1932-10-20) (aged 87)
NationalityNorwegian-born American
Occupation(s)Civil engineer and entrepreneur
Known forThe foundation of the Tinius Olsen Material Testing Machine Company
Awards Elliott Cresson Medal

Tinius Olsen (December 7, 1845 October 20, 1932) was a Norwegian-born American engineer and inventor. He was the founder of the Tinius Olsen Material Testing Machine Company, a maker of material testing machines. He was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal of The Franklin Institute in 1891 for his autographic testing machine. [2]


Life and career

Tinius Olsen was born in Kongsberg, Norway. He was one of eight children. Olsen graduated from the Horten Technical School (Horten tekniske skole) in 1866. [3] [4] [5]

Employment and Immigration

Olsen first became the foreman of the machine department at a large naval machine shop. Olsen subsequently immigrated to the United States during 1869. [6]

"Little Giant"

In 1880, he submitted a patent application for an improved testing machine and the patent was granted the same year, on June 1, 1880. [7]

Later years

Olsen was awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1907. Olsen retired from the company in 1929 and died during 1932 in Philadelphia. Olsen remembered his origin with gifts to his home land including awards to Horten Technical School and Kongsberg Church as well grants to a retirement home in his wife's home town of Helsingborg, Sweden. [8] [9]

Personal life

In 1874, Olsen married Swedish-born physician, Amalie Charlotte Yhlen (1839–1920). Olsen died during 1932 and his wife during 1920. Both were buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. They were the parents of Thorsten Yhlen Olsen (1879- 1957) who succeeded his father as president of the firm. [10]

Selected list of patents

Tinius Olsen's School Tinius Olsens skole.jpg
Tinius Olsen's School

Tinius Olsen's School

The Tinius Olsen's School (Fagskolen Tinius Olsen) is a combined technical vocational college and secondary school in Kongsberg. [11]

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