Tino Bianchi

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Tino Bianchi
Diana Torrieri and Tino Bianchi.jpg
Bianchi with the actress Diana Torrieri (1956)
Born(1905-06-21)21 June 1905
Died4 January 1996(1996-01-04) (aged 90)
Years active1933 - 1995

Tino Bianchi (21 June 1905 – 4 January 1996) was an Italian actor. He performed in more than fifty films between 1933 and 1995.


1933Il treno delle 21,15
1934Si fa così
1935Il serpente a sonagli
L'avvocato difensore
1936Un bacio a fior d'acquaGiorgio Carli
1944Squadriglia biancaMichele
1945Trent'anni di servizio
1953 The Walk The Councillor
1954 Senso Il capitano Meucci
1960 Black Sunday Ivan, Manservant
The Hunchback of Rome
Il corazziereIl colonnello dei carabinieri
Ferragosto in bikini Il dott. Labianca
1961 A Day for Lionhearts
Gold of Rome Banker
1962Ulisse contro ErcoleKing Ircano
1964Adolescenti al sole
1965 Berlin, Appointment for the Spies Doctor Van Dongen
1966Black Box Affair - Il mondo trema
Maigret a Pigalle Blain
1968 Chimera Gynaecologist
1969Ora X - Pattuglia suicidaProfessor
1973 I Kiss the Hand Pietro Gambara
We Want the Colonels Onorevole Mazzante
The Great Kidnapping Lawyer
1974 Anno uno Togliatti
1975 ...a tutte le auto della polizia Police Commissioner
1976 Paura in città
1977 Weapons of Death Don Alfredo
1984Tutti dentroCouncillor Vanzetti
1995 State Secret Banker(final film role)

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